Today’s Inspiring Quilter is Jacey from Jaceycraft:

Jacey’s Long Addition Quilt

Debbie writes, “Jacey’s use of color stops me in my tracks. At Jaceycraft, you’ll see bold traditional blocks and modern, all gone bold and bolder. You may never want to go pastel again.”

Jacey’s Churndash Brite Quilt

Take a look at Jacey’s finished quilts and other bold, bright, happy sewing. Jacey also has a shop, where you might be lucky enough to scoop up some of her sewing to call your own (including the Churndash Brite Quilt above!).

Debbie from A Quilter’s Table curated a Quilting Month series for us with 31 Inspiring Quilters throughout January! Learn more about Debbie in our first post of the series, and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Flickr.

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