Today’s Inspiring Quilter is Rachel from Snippets of Sweetness:

Rachel’s Perseverance Prevails Quilt

Debbie writes, “For me, no list of inspiring quilters would be complete without Snippets of Sweetness. Rachel is someone who lives locally and often shares my studio. She has been known to say, “Remember, baby steps…” when I suggest the over-ambitious. She’s the one whose look has hinted both, “I’d rethink that if I was you,” as well as the ever-affirming, “Oh, wow!” I may have given her the basics of quilting, but her keen sense of color has guided my own. By her presence and through her quilting, she reminds me of the fundamentals of enjoying the process, sharing our gift of quilting with others and plain just keeping at doing what we love.”

Rachel’s Dare To Be Different Halloween Quilt

Take a look at Rachel’s 2103 year of sewing in review and her sewing goals for 2014. It’s also fun to look through the variety of Rachel’s finished sewing project posts from 2013. Do you have a sewing friend who tells you when it’s time to slow down or gives you an, “Oh, wow!”?

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