Stephanie joins us today from The Crafty Kitty and Stitch Organics, an organic fabric store and haberdashery. You can also find Stephanie on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Flickr and Bloglovin! Learn more about Stephanie in her introduction, and enjoy her Relaxing Eye Pillow tutorial below…


  • Fat quarter of undyed organic linen/organic poplin blend fabric
  • Fat quarter of organic voile
  • Fat quarter of undyed organic batiste/voile
  • Coordinating organic cotton sewing thread
  • 100g buckwheat
  • 1 tbsp dried lavender (or more or less if preferred!)
  • Relaxing Eye Pillow PDF Pattern
  • Fabric marker
  • Embroidery hoop (optional)

Step One:
Cut out two inner pillow pieces from the organic linen/organic poplin fabric, the two back pieces from your patterned voile and one front piece from your undyed batiste/voile.

Step Two:
Sew together the two linen/organic poplin eye pillow pieces (right sides facing), leaving a gap for turning.

Step Three:
Clip the seams and turn right side out.

Step Four:
Fill with buckwheat and lavender, and sew the opening shut.

Step Five:
Using a fabric marker, or your chosen method, transfer the heart pattern to the undyed batiste/voile. Cross-stitch the heart pattern. (If you prefer, you can carry this out prior to cutting out the eye pillow shape.)

Step Six:
Finish the overlapping edges of the back eye pillow pieces by pressing 1/4″ to wrong side and top stitching.

Step Seven:
Overlap the back eye pillow pieces and baste in place 1/8″ away from each side.

Step Eight:
Sew together the undyed and patterned voile pillow pieces (right sides facing).

Step Nine:
Clip seams, turn right side out and stuff with the inner pillow.


  • Use patterned voile for both sides of the pillow cover.
  • Instead of making a buckwheat inner pillow, use wadding and add elastic or ribbon to make a sleeping mask instead!