Melissa from a happy stitch has an easy beginner sewing project for you today. If you’re an experienced sewist you could probably make a stack of these to gift or utilize around the house! It would also be a fun early sewing project for children, just in time for Spring Break. You can use this same technique to make bean bags as well…

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It’s spring cleaning season! And sometimes (at least for me), that often means simply cleaning the house. Period. I do, however, find myself frequently lured into the idea of really scrubbing away, clearing out the closets, opening the windows and ushering in spring! In a recent moment of such delirium I was seduced by the idea of making some lavender sachets to use in the dryer to keep the sheets and towels nice and fresh-smelling without using any icky chemicals. But, I didn’t want to cut into any of my yards of “real” fabric. So, I raided my scrap pile and came up with a great way to make my scraps really work for me… In the laundry!

Lavender sachets in the dryer are nothing new but here is how to make them last a bit longer (thanks to essential oil) and use up scrap fabric.

1. Gather your supplies: fabric scraps, dried lavender flowers (at least 1 Tablespoon), lavender essential oil, one paper envelope & rice. I use round-edged brown rice because it is less likely to poke out of the sachet but really any rice will do just fine.

2. Prepare your rice and lavender mixture by pouring 1/2 cup of rice and 2 Tablespoons of dried lavender flowers into a Ziploc bag. This amount will be enough for 2 sachets so adjust this formula depending on how much you want to make.

3. Pour in one drop of lavender oil. One drop doesn’t sound like much but trust me, it’s plenty! You will smell it immediately. Shake up the mixture of rice, flowers and essential oil a good deal and set this bag aside. Adding the essential oil will help the lavender smell last much longer than just using lavender flowers.

4. Grab a few pieces of your scrap fabric. You can pick and choose some that look nice together or just pull out whatever you grab first. Up to you. I did preselect some extra sweet scraps. We will be making a rectangle measuring 8.5″ by 5″ so keep that in mind. Start with two pieces and sew them together in the most logical way possible.

5. Keep on adding scrap pieces until you have built yourself a substantial little piece of patchwork.

6. Cut your piece to the desired dimension of 8.5″ by 5″. (Look at you! Making fabric out of nothing!!)

7. Fold the fabric right sides together such that the short ends meet with each other. Sew two stitches leaving a two to three inch opening in the middle of the short end of the rectangle.

8. Turn the whole thing inside out and press with an iron. You will notice that the portion left unsewn will naturally fold inward a bit, ironing will help this along. This will be particularly handy later. This is also the opportunity to admire your work so far. So cute! These lavender sachets are going to brighter your whole laundry experience! (That is not a guarantee, only an attempt at optimism.)

9. Next up we are going to make an easy, cheap tool for funneling the lavender mixture into the sachet. Get that paper envelope and a pair of scissors. Cut off one corner of the envelope. Look at that! You made a cup, perfect for pouring.

10. Pour the lavender & rice mix into your cup and funnel it into the opening on your scrappy fabric sachet.

11. Sew shut the remaining opening and you are done!

Now, get those scraps working for you in the laundry room… Or, at the very least do one load of laundry and dream sweet dreams of a clean home!