If you’re not in the sewing industry, the title of this post might be a little confusing. It’s confusing to me, and I’ve been working with these companies for 10 years! Here is the best I can do…Coats & Clark (yes, the thread people) own Westminster Fibers, which is a company that used to focus on yarn, but started a fabric division called Rowan, and then bought another fabric company called Free Spirit. Rather than merging everything under one nice name, however, they’ve maintained distinctive divisions. They even started producing fabric under the Coats name! As a consequence you’ll never find Amy Butler on the Free Spirit website, but she will be in the Free Spirit booth (with a Rowan sign) at Quilt Market, and the Coats fabric designers will be just across the aisle. It’s wacky, but you get used to it. As always, the fabric collections were gorgeous, the booth was inspiring, and the models were… new! They were unexpected, but very effective at showcasing and talking about the Westminster apparel substrates. (I swear I looked at this post 10 times before I noticed the hilarious photo bomb by my own Quilt Market roomie and friend, Monica of Happy Zombie. Hilarious!)