Debbie Jeske from A Quilter’s Table is back with her monthly look at new quilting trends! Visit A Quilter’s Table to learn more about Debbie’s quilting; just look at what she accomplished in May! One of Debbie’s recent quilts was even chosen to be displayed in the Quilt! Knit! Stitch! Modern Metallic exhibit sponsored by Robert Kaufman and Aurifil this summer.

Are you sewing with metallics? Have you made a cross or feather quilt? Are you learning new techniques, like the “slash and insert” process? What do you love about these trends?

Cross Quilts

Greek cross blocks continue to be a popular staple using any number of backgrounds– colorful prints, low-volume or a consistent solid. And it’s also fun to change things up by doing the crosses improv.

Clockwise from upper left: Elementary by Retired to Quilt, Cross Quilt from one shabby chick, Plus Quilt by Every Quilt Under the Sun, Colourshott Crosses by Molly Flanders Makerie


As Kelley from Casa Crafty shared in her recent Sewing Trends post, the use of metallics is uber-popular in clothing, and it’s no different with quilting. And from what I hear from Quilt Market reports, that isn’t changing any time soon.

Clockwise from upper left: Mount Rainier by Once a Wingnut… Always a Wingnut, Metallion by allisonsews, Tangled Tiles from Sew BitterSweet Designs, Birches by helentervo, Stardust Quilt by Design Camp

Feather Blocks

Always unique, striking and a tad bit unexpected, feather blocks are a delight whether a few are grouped together, or there’s a whole quilt-full.

Clockwise from upper left: Sunny Bees of a Feather Quilt by Charm About YouFloating Feathers from Tiny HouseFeathers by woollypetalsPlumes of Orchid by Quilty HabitFeather Quilt by Angelina79

Slash + Insert

The technique of slash and insert is a versatile one. It’s a great place to start if you are just beginning to dabble in improv, yet a handy basic if you want to create a fresh, modern feel in your own design.

Clockwise from upper left: Mod Haystack from carrie_ellensContrary Crosses by Pretty BobbinsImprov Mini Quilt from Miami Pam QuiltsSpring Wall Hanging by tiny scissor timesColor Splash Quilt by Malini’s Quilting Adventure