We have two more interviews to share with members of the Quilt Design A Day group, a talented community of designers with a daily design practice! We talked with Amy Gunson of Badskirt and QDAD originator Anne of Play Crafts. Next up is Michelle from Factotum of Arts with her thoughts on Quilt Design A Day and her design process. All of the images below are Michelle’s QDAD designs.

Check out the group’s Facebook page and lots of amazing designs on Instagram (#qdad). You are welcome to join anytime, and you can choose how often you create a design. (It doesn’t really have to be every day!)

How did you find out about the group?
I follow Anne Sullivan’s blog Play Crafts and on Instagram, where she was posting her designs.

Stacked Boxes

Why did you join?
I was inspired by Anne and her designs, and after watching for a couple of months I decided to give it a try. Designing the quilt is one of my favorite parts of quilting. This was a great avenue for me to develop my creative process.

Broken Crosses

Tell us about your process…
I see inspiration everywhere; it is actually a running joke between my husband and I, as I am always taking photos of things. Turning what you see into a design is very dependent for me on the color palette of the day and also the mood I am in. There are days in which the creative ideas just flow, allowing me to catch up or complete multiple designs. There are also some days when I just need a break. Once I have a design in mind, I use threadbias.com for all my designs. It is a monthly subscription tool which costs $10 per month. I do try to limit myself to 15 minutes per design but it does depend on the complexity of the design.


How many designs have you come up with?
I have been participating now for 1 month and I have 15-20 designs already.

Do you have plans for your designs?
I do plan to make up some of my designs, however not all [will be made into] quilts. One of my designs, a wonky herringbone, I have already turned into placemats. The Wonky Herringbone was a paper-piecing template, and I did provide it, with a few instructions, on my blog.


In general, how do you feel about this experience of having a daily creative practice? Any advice for others?
I have loved the creative practice; it constantly opens my view of the world, as I am always looking for design elements in everything around me. One thing I try to do each week is select one design that is my favorite. I plan to layout my favorites and narrow those down to one or two I will make. I found, after the first couple of weeks, I wanted to make 90% of them and realistically it is just not possible.

Nested Circles