Lisa Lam, author of popular The Bag Making Bible, has released a set of adorable new children’s clothing patterns. (Here’s a freebie pattern from the book!) We love all of Lisa’s work and we’re so excited to see her step into a new area of design!

The Dance with Me Dress and Happiness Halter Playsuit are dressmaking booklets, full of the step-by-step guidance we expect from Lisa. (And each pattern is sized for children from 2 to 6 years.) To give you an idea of the skills and handy tricks you’ll learn through the patterns Lisa shows you how easy it is to make Side Seam Pockets below. Don’t miss the blog tour stops below with pattern giveaways, examples of the designs all sewn up and more… (The booklets are currently 25% off at Stitch Craft Create.) Enjoy!

Side Seam Pockets

These pockets look neat, are unobtrusive on your garment and are simple to make. Attach this type of pocket before you stitch your garment front and back pieces together.

Sewing Note: To prevent the pocket seam from peeking out from the side seam (and looking untidy on the finished garment) always stitch your pocket pieces to your fabric with a seam allowance that is at least 5mm (3/16in) smaller than your overall seam allowance. So, if your overall seam allowance is 1.5cm (5/8in) you would stitch your pocket to your fabric with a 1cm (3?8in) seam; see Step 4.

1. Decide on the size of your pocket.
If necessary you can modify the pocket size by increasing/decreasing the pocket pattern size. Use a pocket pattern as a shape guide; modify the size as necessary ensuring the wearer’s hand will fit into the pocket shape. Then add one lot of seam allowance all around the shape.

2. Cut the pocket pattern pieces.
Cut four pocket pieces (cut two of the pieces in mirror image).

3. Decide how low you want the pockets on your garment.
Decide how far down your garment side you want the top edge of your pocket to sit. Remember to add on your seam allowance to your chosen height. Cut a small notch in the garment side seam to mark where the pocket top edge will sit.

Lay the pocket front pieces onto garment front, with RS of both touching.

4. Attach the pocket fronts to the garment front.
Lay the WSO right-hand and left-hand side pocket front pieces onto the RS garment. Match the side seams and match the pocket top edge with the notches you made in the previous step. Pin in place. See photo above. Stitch in place from the top to the bottom edge of the pocket (see note regarding seam allowance). Iron the seams together and zigzag stitch the seam edges to prevent fraying (if the seam allowance is narrow, use a narrow width stitch to prevent crossing the seam line). Flip the pocket pieces over towards the garment front side seams and iron. See photo. Repeat with the pocket back and garment back pieces.

Flip the pocket pieces over so they are RSO and iron the seam.

5. Pin the pockets and garment sides together.
Bring the garment front and back pieces RST. Carefully match the pocket side edges and the garment side seam above and below the pocket and pin.

Stitch the pocket and garment front and back pieces together all in one go.

6. Stitch the pockets and garment sides together.
Stitch the garment sides with your overall seam allowance. Stitch from the top side edge of your garment and when you reach the pocket top pivot and stitch all around the pocket edge (with the same overall seam allowance), then pivot back towards the garment side and continue down the side seam of your garment. See photo above.

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