Vicky of Vicky Myers Creations lives in Norwich, UK. She writes, “I am a busy Mum to two young children. I am passionate about making and creating, often with a strong bias to reusing materials. This gives me a great excuse to trawl charity shops! I love the creative element in transforming something into something completely different.” Vicky sells some of her recycled bags in the Vicky Myers Creations shop.

Make the most of sunny August days with Vicky’s Stamped Picnic Blanket. It has a pocket and incorporates potato stamping!

Create a picnic rug perfect for the beach. The rug includes a zip pocket for your car keys, and it’s also lined with shower curtain fabric to prevent dampness.

For this project I was fortunate to find a pair of curtains in a charity (thrift) shop. I just love the color, a fortunate find! My choice is to print with white and yellows; printing pale colors onto a darker background will give a different result than when printing dark colors onto a paler background.


  • Fabric
  • Zipper
  • Shower curtain fabric or vinyl
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine + coordinating thread
  • Potatoes
  • Knife
  • Fabric paint (I used Setacolor)
  • Paint brushes

Prepare for Printing:
Start with hemming your fabric. Iron the fabric to create a flat surface for printing.

Prep your potatoes: Cut in half and carve flower shapes.

Paint your potato and test print on similar fabric. Experiment!

I tried to add extra painting on top of some of the prints for stronger colors, but preferred the more subtle potato prints.

Print your fabric and allow to dry.

Follow the directions for setting the fabric paint. I ironed each print for five minutes.

I added a zip pocket for keys but this is an optional extra. I have designed this as I always worry about losing my keys on the beach! By using a former shower curtain this gives water resistance for the keys, and even your mobile phone.

There are lots of tutorials for creating zip pockets, including Autumn’s here.

You will need two pieces of the shower curtain the size of your required pocket (plus seam allowance).

Position your pocket 1.5” in from the edge of the picnic blanket either at a corner or centrally.

Place one piece on top of the right side of your picnic rug. I placed mine in the center of one of the side seams.

Mark the required length of the zip and stitch. Cut, and then turn the shower curtain through and press. Tack you zip into place. Stitch.

Place your second piece of shower curtain on the back. Tack through the layers of fabric, and mark stitch lines with tailor’s chalk. Stitch through the three layers of fabric, four sides of the pocket.

This finishes creating the pocket and holds it in place.

Off to the beach we go!