Corinna shares her happy family life, travels, beautiful and original sewing, plus so much more at Visit her site, then come back for her first tutorial with us featuring some fun embroidery embellishment.

From Corinna: I’m a Mum to four delightful children and wife to one very amazing man. Some of my favorite pastimes are sewing, embroidering, creating with paper, reading good books, drinking fresh-brewed coffee or tea and exploring the world with my family. My all time favorite colour is blue. I find organizing my children’s wardrobe far easier than organizing or decorating my home. I could easily become a hermit, I’ve often thought, although an occasional adult conversation is nice.

A piece of fabric, on which I am working some embroidery or smocking, is never far from my hand; I always carry my stitching bag with me, just in case. These days though a little hand is usually found nestled in mine leaving very little space for fabric. I treasure these years I have to hold these precious children close, so my stitching patiently waits for another day or a quiet moment after these little hands are all tucked away in their cozy beds at night.

My sewing table nearly always has a project on the go and my machine rarely has a day off. I’m having a lot of fun teaching my little girl how to use it in a creative way as well. We laugh and chat as we sew together creating memories for life.

I share snippets of our family life on my blog at