Elizabeth and liZ from Simple Simon and Company have shared lots of popular tutorials here before, like the Quilt Block Skirt Pocket, Sweet Little Capelet and these useful All About Basting tips. They’re back with Mom and Me Skirts, an easy project whether you choose to make one size or both! You can find the kid version below, and the adult-size pencil skirt tutorial at Simple Simon and Company.

Elizabeth and liZ also run Project Run & Play (look at their work!), and they share tons of stylish and fun tutorials at Simple Simon and Co. (there’s a drop down list on the top bar).

Enjoy the tutorial and let us know if you make a skirt (or two or more)! If you’d like to see this cute fabric in a different project check out the Offset Raglan Top for Kids tutorial.

Hello, Sew Mama Sew readers! I am liZ, one of the duo of Elizabeths that blogs over at Simple Simon and Company and today we are happy to be here sharing a tutorial for a staple in any closet… A straight, knit skirt.

The skirts we have made are from some of the whimsical collections of knits available over at Funny Fabrics. We thought this was a perfect print for some Mom and Me skirts!

Although the mom and little girl skirts are very similar in appearance their construction varies slightly but both are SUPER EASY to make (and wear)!

Let’s get started with the little girl’s skirt. Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Cut your fabric.

The width of your fabric should be the measurement of your little one’s hips (or widest part of their body from their waist to their knee) plus 3 inches. And the length of your fabric should be whatever the measurement is from your little ones waist to their knee plus 2 inches.

Step 2: Sew up the back seam of the skirt.

Do this by folding your fabric in half with right sides together and sew (or serge) all the way from the top of the skirt fabric to the bottom of the skirt fabric.

Step 3: Make the casing for your elastic.

Do this by folding down the top of your skirt fabric 1.25 inches and sew it down around the entire circumference of the skirt leaving only a 1 inch opening in the back so that you can insert your elastic.?

Step 4: Insert your elastic.

Using a safety pin insert your elastic in and through the casing you’ve just made. Leaving both ends poking out of your 1 inch opening. Then sew the two ends together and push into the casing. Stitch your 1 inch opening closed.

Step 5: Hem in the manner you are most comfortable with.

And you are done… And ready for a picnic in the park… Or a mom and daughter fancy cookie eating date!

As for the tutorial for the mom version of this skirt you can find it here: How to Sew a Knit Pencil Skirt, and I promise it is just as easy as the girl’s skirt is to make.

Visit Simple Simon and Company for more tutorials, inspiration and fun!

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