Do you want to make the most of your summer days? Could you use a little inspiration for some fun, kid-focused activities for August? We were blown away by Jenn’s incredible Pinterest boards, and we asked her to find some fun summer activities for us. Enjoy, and share links in the comments to other activities you love. Let’s squeeze every little bit of excitement out of the month ahead! And, really, go check out Jenn’s Pinterest boards. (She has tons of great sewing boards!)

We also have lots of great craft tutorials here at Sew Mama Sew, and most work well for kids of all ages.

Trampoline Water Park
One quick trip to your local hardware store and you will not look at a trampoline the same (and neither will your children)! How fun would this be?!

DIY Bubble Wands
Bubble wands bring up classic images of sunny summer days. Give it your own twist and make new memories with your own version of this simple toy.

DIY Lava Lamps
I always enjoy mixing fun with education! Not only are these lava lamps helping your little one learn, but they’re easy and exciting as well.

DIY Solar Oven S’mores
I live in Texas, and if you know anything about Texas then you know Summers are HOT! What better way to take advantage of the heat than making s’mores in a solar oven?!

Soap Boat Races
Soap boat races can be so much fun for little ones as they see their little bar race down the “river!”

Get out in your town and do some geocaching! It’s a great way to discover areas you may not be familiar with, all while taking part in a technology treasure hunt!

Backyard Water Park
Keep cool in the heat with this DIY backyard water park.

Bouncy Balls
If I knew we could have made our own when I was a child, I would have been begging my parents to do it all the time! This is a great activity to do with your children. Make these bouncy balls, then play with them!

Giant Bubbles
Whoa! Giant bubbles?! Sign me up!

Ice Cube Painting Rainbows
Let your child express his or her inner artist, then proudly display the results! This is sure to provide some beautiful artwork.

Water Blobs
A cool and entertaining way to spend a summer day… Playing on a water blob!

DIY Bubbles
You can never go wrong with bubbles! This is an effortless way to keep those bubbles going!

Washer Necklaces
A quiet indoor activity on those days when the sun is a little too warm for your liking! Your little ones can make necklaces they are proud to wear.

Nature Scavenger Hunt
No purchases necessary with this lively nature scavenger hunt!

Water Wall
Another activity that combines learning with play!

Grass Heads
So fun… Make your own grass heads and keep them groomed!

Tissue Paper Night Lights
Kids will love making these one-of-a-kind night lights and then, best of all, watching them actually glow!

Toy Parachute
These are a great reason to go outside and climb up a small tree. This would be a neat idea for a race to see whose parachute makes it to the ground first.

Toilet Roll Crafts
Don’t throw those empty toilet rolls away. Make some creatures and tell a story!

Glitter Playdough
Who ever gets tired of playdough? Make it even better!

Soap Clouds
Who knew putting soap in a microwave could be so cool?!

As always here at Sew Mama Sew, all images are used with permission.