Kelley Gilbert from Casa Crafty inspires us all make a complete Back to School wardrobe for the kids this fall! Kelley joins us each month with the latest online sewing trends.

Learn more about Kelley via Etsy, Instagram and Facebook, and take a look at Casa Crafty to see all of the fun clothes Kelley’s sewing (and knitting!) for her boys and for herself this season!

It’s that time again! Back to school. Are you making your kiddos wardrobe? I know I am! with two boys in our house quickly growing out of everything, it’s time to dig deep in the stash and get to the sewing! Here are some great inspirations for boys and girls for back to school:

Boys’ Tops

Make something comfy that fits his current passions!

Clockwise from top left: Handmade Frenzy: Ice Cream Tee, Max California: Maxwell Top, Mae and K: Dark Side Tee, C’est La Vie: Mulberry Tunic, Sweet KM: Raglan Tees, Tangible Pursuits: Raglan Screen-Printed Tees

Girls’ Tops

Tired of the “too old” themes in girls’ tops? Make something beautiful!

Clockwise from top left: The Inspired Wren: Pullover Parka, Glitter and Wit: The Mulberry Tunic, Sew McCool: Asymmetrical Hoodie, You and Mie: Panda Tee, Bartacks and Singletrack: Red Deer Pullover

Boys’ Pants

You can reinforce those knees and get just the right fit when you sew boys’ pants!

Clockwise from top left: Stitch It Now: Denim Diva, Radiant Home Studio: Field Trip Cargos, Huisje Boompje Boefjes: Kudzu Cargos, Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy: Convertible Pants, Fishsticks Designs: Sand and Sidewalk Skate Pants, Very Purple Person: Chinos Short Pants

Girls’ Dresses + More

Sweet dresses and cozy pants make it easy to transition your girl’s wardrobe from summer to fall…

Clockwise from top left: Figgy’s Patterns: Heavenly Bundle, Two-Many: Broken Chevron, Dandelion Drift: Croquet Dress, Sews ‘n’ Bows: Retro Dots Dress, Climbing the Willow: Striped Hosh Pants

Outerwear for Kids

Bundle up for those chilly mornings with some fun outerwear options.

Clockwise from top left: Make It Perfect: Uptown Girl Jacket, Sew Outnumbered: Rain Jacket, While She Was Sleeping: Little Red Riding Hood Jacket, Sew a Straight Line: Jude Jacket, Modern Handmade: Reversible Jacket