Emily Taylor of Pattern Jam has your next fall/Halloween decorating project ready for you! It’s an easy, reversible design that could take your mantle or entry table through two holidays or two seasons. Emily’s free Pattern Jam site helps you visualize your favorite fabrics in your favorite pattern; you can try it out with this project. Learn how easy it is to make your new banner, and find more from Emily on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter! This full tutorial is available as a PDF download here too.

I’m so excited to share my tutorial of this mantel scarf on Sew Mama Sew, and to introduce you to PatternJam.com at the same time! PatternJam.com is my new website application on which users can audition fabric in a quilt or sewing pattern prior to investing time and money in the project. After you’ve looked at the tutorial below, you can visit the link for this project in PatternJam.com (Holiday Mantel Scarf), and mix and match fabric to your heart’s content! Oh, and it’s completely FREE to use!

About a month ago the Halloween issue of Grandin Road arrived in my mailbox, and considering that Halloween is my very favorite holiday I quickly opened the catalog to peruse their collection. I fell in love with the idea of a mantel scarf in the magazine, but wanted to make it my own with fabric of my choice and a custom fit for a console table in my entry way!

So, with that bit of inspiration and some great Halloween fabric, I set to work! Here’s what I created…

Now, the great thing about my mantel scarf is that it’s completely reversible! How fun would it be to have Halloween on one side and Thanksgiving on the other? Or Thanksgiving and Christmas? Pretty darn fun, if you ask me! So… Here you go! Knock yourself out!

Fabric & Cutting Requirements:

  • 5 Coordinating fabrics for front: 2/3 yard of ONE fabric, 1/2 yard of FOUR fabrics
  • 5 Coordinating fabrics for back: 2/3 yard of ONE fabric, 1/2 yard of FOUR fabrics
  • 1 Coordinating fabric for top: 2 yards

From each 2/3 yard piece, cut three rectangles that are 9″ wide x the width of fabric (WOF).
Cut five short flags from each. (Short flags are 9″ x 16″). These will be paired together for the front and reverse.

From each 1/2 yard piece, cut two rectangles that are 9″ x WOF. Cut four short flags and ten long flags. (Long flags are 9″ x 20″)

You should now have 38 flags. Separate these into pairs, one for the front and one for the reverse side. Keep the pairs the same; don’t mix up the fabrics!

Assembly Instructions:
With right sides together, sew along the edges of the flags, leaving the top edge open to turn the flag right side out. At the point of the flag, trim close to the seam to eliminate bulk.

Turn the flags right side out. Prepare a needle threaded with embroidery floss, knotted on the end. Entering from the inside of the flag at the point, poke the needle through the fabric.

As the needle exits the end of the flag, thread a wool ball onto the embroidery floss. Clip the floss an inch below the wool ball and tie a knot right underneath the ball to hold it in place.

Press each flag so that seams are flat. Line up the short flags so that the edges touch each other. Line up the long flags so that they overlap the short ones. The edges of the top flag will cover half of the adjacent flags.

Pin in place, then baste stitch along the top 1/4″ the length of the fifteen flags. For the two short edges of the mantel scarf, overlap a short and a long flag and baste together.

Trim the 2 yard piece of fabric* so it is 28″ 68″, then fold it in half lengthwise to get a piece that is 14″ x 68″ and press the fold. Turn the raw edges under 1/2″ towards the wrong side of fabric and press. Insert the flags around the edges of the top piece 1/2″. Topstitch around all three open edges of the top piece to secure the flags.

*For a custom fit, adjust the length and width of this top piece of fabric to match the length and width of the table or mantel that it will cover!

All DONE! Aren’t you clever?!

Now, head on over to PatternJam and play! Here are a few variations that I created on PatternJam.com:

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