Kirsty from Bonjour Quilts has a new quilt block design for you next! First we hope you’ll check out links to some of Kirsty’s favorite projects at Bonjour Quilts, including her free tutorials. It’s also fun to read through Kirsty’s many travel posts!

From Kirsty: To my amazement, I’ve been blogging for over four years now. My blog was initially called You Had Me at Bonjour and served mainly as a travel journal for our family when we lived in France, with the occasional quilting and craft post. Once we moved back home to Australia I renamed the blog Bonjour Quilts to reflect the change of content (with a hat tip to the blog’s past).

Modern Chevron Baby Quilt

I love to sew– predominantly quilts, but also garments and needlework from time to time. I also love to design tutorials and patterns and hope to focus on this a little more in the future.

Vinyl Pouch Tutorial

With a family and a part-time job, one of my biggest challenges is finding the time to sew. When I do, I don’t like to mess around with unclear or incomplete patterns. I’m also a big fan of diagrams, as my brain just seems to take information in better that way! So when I put together a pattern or tutorial, I try to fill it with as many diagrams and photos as I can, with the hope that it’ll help readers have a relaxed and productive sewing session. Because frankly, if it’s not fun, why do it?

Bunting Lantern