Michelle from Factotum of Arts joins us with a monthly series of quilt blocks featuring her Quilt Design A Day designs. Her first design is coming up next!

From Michelle: By day, I am a manager at a fantastic privately owned software company. The rest of my time is spent being a wife, mum to a wonderful 7 year-old and a quilter. I began quilting and blogging at Factotum of Arts around the same time, in September 2012. That’s right, it is my 2-year anniversary!

At first, my goal was to share my creative side and things I made, whether that be sewing/quilting projects, food, interior/exterior design, art or projects my son and I have made. I was looking for a community to belong to, and I definitely found a great community of people! An essential part of me getting here was trying a variety of projects to learn new skills. From my first quilt (which is still not finished) I have designed a lot of my projects.

Until recently though, I did not realize that designing is my favorite part of quilting. It is so exciting, to me, to design something, work out how to make it (yes, do the math?) and see it all the way to completion. I tend to finish quilt tops quickly for this reason, and it takes me a little longer to finish the project.

My New Zealand Heritage, my science and mathematics background and the day-to-day things around me influence my designs. I would consider myself a Modern Quilter. I have had some wonderful opportunities in the last year; I joined up with the Quilt Design a Day Facebook group, I won the Designers Choice award for Critters Patch Baby Quilt, Winner of the Jungle Ave + Quilt Now Quilt Design Competition and recently taught a Sampler Quilt class at Spoonflower. You can see more of my designs and follow my fabric addition on my blog, or check out my Instagram feed (ml_wilkie).