Are you already planning for Halloween?! Playful Hoodies: 25 Reinvented Sweatshirts for Dress Up, for Costumes & for Fun by Mary Rasch shows you how easy it is to transform a standard hooded sweatshirt into an exciting costume! Mary’s mouse costume is an exclusive extra she recently designed to give you an idea of the types of projects in the book.

From the publisher:

    Take one store-bought sweatshirt, add fleece embellishments, and voilà! You’ve got a really cool costume. These 25 imaginative and fun projects provide a delightful solution to the annual Halloween conundrum—or for any time kids want to play dress-up. It’s amazingly easy to put together a range of creative characters, including a princess, gnome, frog, owl, pumpkin and Little Red Riding Hood. There are even a few simple extras to make to complete the outfits, like a wand and a crown. And as a bonus, with these warm sweatshirts, kids won’t even have to wear a coat on Halloween!

The mouse hoodie and all photos are from author Mary Rasch. Let us know what your costume plans are this year, and link to any past favorites you’ve created in the comments! We have a variety of Halloween project and costume tutorials for you to check out.

Before You Begin:
When selecting your hoodie, it doesn’t matter whether you pick one that has a zipper down the front or not. The embellishments will not interfere with a zipper. Matching sweatpants are nice but not necessary to complete the outfit.

1. Cut four outer ear pieces from gray fleece, two with the pattern facing up and two with the pattern facing down. Cut two inner ear pieces from pink fleece, one with the pattern facing up and one with the pattern facing down. Center the inner ear within one of the outer ear pieces and sew around the edge of the inner ear to attach it to the outer ear.

2. Take one outer ear piece with the pink fleece and one outer ear without the pink fleece and match them up with right sides together. Sew around the curved edge of the ear leaving the straight edge open. Flip the ear so the right sides are showing. Repeat step one to create a second ear.

3. Hand sew the straight edge of each ear to each side of the hood as desired.

4. Cut one tail piece from pink fleece using the template. Fold the tail in half lengthwise with the right sides together. Sew along the straight edge as marked on your pattern leaving the top of the tail open.

5. Flip the tail right side out using a knitting needle to push the tip of the tail out. Fill the tail with fiberfill. Sew the tail on the back of the sweatshirt high enough so the tail doesn’t get in the way when your child sits down.