Marisa from thirtynine thoroughly researched her upcoming project to make both safe and practical for kids through adults! Intrigued?! Marisa’s tutorial for food-safe, reusable wrappers is an eco-friendly addition to lunch everyone in the family can agree on.

Stop by Marisa’s for all of her latest sewing (Elsa!, pretty clothing for her daughter) and crafty kid fun.

Hello, I’m Marisa, and I’m so happy to be contributing to Sew Mama Sew! I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband and two children, and write about my sewing (and the occasional kids’ art and craft activity) on my blog thirtynine. I love being part of the online sewing community, sharing ideas, techniques and inspiration. When I’m not sewing (or working) you can usually find me reading, cooking or gardening while my home remains in an embarrassing state of dusty disorder.

I adore Japanese sewing books, African fabrics and Mexican tissue paper flowers – all of which have featured on my blog, naturally! Two of my recent favorite projects are pictured above: a cute Japanese pattern combining shorts and a skirt and the fabulous Cosi Swimsuit.

My 6-year-old daughter is the main beneficiary of my sewing efforts and so far I’ve managed to strike a good balance between what I want to sew, and what she wants to wear. My ten-year-old son is harder to please, but as it happens, my upcoming tutorial is for something that both my kids use daily. I hope you enjoy it!