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Cheryl Kuczek of Paradiso Designs designs professional handbag patterns, full of important details to make the bags functional and pretty. She also has her own Paradiso Pleather Collection to make it easy to sew your bags with pleather. Cheryl’s new Pacific NW Messenger Bag incorporates all of these details with home dec weight Fabric Loft prints from Fabric Editions.

The Pacific NW Messenger Bag includes zipped pockets, pleather, hardware and some other nice features to take it a step beyond your average bag! Download your free PDF tutorial for the bag, complete with all of the cutting instructions and lots of step-by-step photos to guide you through your sewing.

Cheryl is hosting a giveaway on the Paradiso Designs blog for the Paradiso Pleather Kit #2, and a Hardware Triggerhook/Ring set. Comment on her site for the pleather/hardware giveaway.

We also have a giveaway to go with the Pacific NW Messenger Bag! Comment below for a chance to win three yards of Fabric Loft from Fabric Editions, currently available in pre-cuts at Target. Tell us your favorite feature in a bag!

Find more from Cheryl at Paradiso Designs including her patterns, free tutorials plus lots of kits and more in her shop.