Jennifer Casa loves to work with vintage textiles, honoring the care, skill and time in a piece while transforming it into something new and beautiful. You might remember the full series Jennifer had here at Sew Mama Sew, Jennifer’s Fabric Focus, with hits like the Leisurely Dress Pattern, patchwork notebooks and more. We’re happy to tell you about Jennifer’s newest book, Vintage Made Modern.

With 35 projects in the book plus some happy thrifting you too can give old textiles a pretty, new spin!

From the publisher:

    Every handmade project has a story to tell. In Vintage Made Modern that story is given more depth through the materials used: textiles with histories all their own. From Granny’s well-worn apron to a threadbare family quilt or a tattered tea towel you picked up at the thrift shop, every fabric and textile has a tale to tell. With a little resourcefulness, some gentle care, and a bit of creative repurposing, the simple sewing and no-sew projects in this book breathe life back into these treasured textiles, refresh their beauty, and create new memories. Vintage Made Modern will have you collaborating with makers from the past and continuing the stories they began long ago, becoming part of the narrative yourself in the process.

We have a Tea Towel Picnic Blanket PDF excerpt from the book, and TWO chances for you to win your own copy! (U.S. addresses only this time, please.) The picnic blanket makes a lovely gift, or the sweetest “just in case” addition to your trunk for family adventures. Tell us about vintage textiles in the comments for a chance to win. Do you use your great grandmother’s linens on the table? Was the quilt on your bed made a hundred years ago? Do you find orphan blocks and give them a home? Are you searching for the perfect project for something stashed in your cupboard?

Download your Tea Towel Picnic Blanket PDF excerpt and find some pretty tea towels to sew together! For more, you can see a preview of the book here.

Excerpt from Vintage Made Modern by Jennifer Casa, © 2014 by Jennifer Casa. Reprinted by arrangement with Roost Books, an imprint of Shambhala Publications Inc., Boston, MA.