Michelle from Factotum of Arts has a daily quilt design practice with her QDAD group. We asked Michelle to take her designs to reality with a new pattern every month here at Sew Mama Sew. So far we’ve had the Succulent Quilt and Mod Squares, and now we have Peach Melba, a curvy, needle-turn appliqué design. (Doesn’t the block palette look like a good fit for Pantone’s new Color of the Year?)

Find all of Michelle’s QDAD designs at Factotum of Arts, and learn more in her introduction.

(Note on this pattern: You can find your own Drunkard’s Path templates via online or local quilting and sewing shops. A quick search can also give you PDF resources online.)

Are you missing summer yet? Or enjoying the beginnings of summer in the Southern Hemisphere? I always think of ice cream, berries and stone fruit like peaches. The color palette (from Design Seeds) for this design encapsulated summer and inspired this design.

This pillow project is a great one to do while you are traveling over the holidays, as it can mostly be hand-stitched.

Fabric Requirements:
Fabric A: (Kona Ash Grey, G)
– 1 20.5 “ Square
– 2 6.75” Squares
– 1 5.75” Square
– 2 4.75” Squares
– 2 3.75” Squares

Fabric B: (Kona Berry, B)
– 1 6.75” Square
– 1 5.75” Square
– 1 4.75” Square

Fabric C: (Kona Cerise, C)
– 1 6.75” Square
– 1 3.75” Square

Fabric D: (Kona Baby Pink, P)
– 1 5.75” Square
– 1 3.75” Square

Fabric E: (Kona Bone, W)
– 1 5.75” Square
– 1 4.75” Square

Fabric F: (Kona Buttercup, Y)
– 1 4.75” square

Batting: 21” Square

Muslin: 21” Square

Backing Fabric:
– 2 21.5” x 13” (for envelope or zipper back)

Additional Tools:

  • Olaf Rotary circle cutter (you can cut out the first three circles) or you can find your own resource for a 2”, 3” and 4” Drunkard’s Path Template
  • 5” and 6” Drunkard’s Path Template (Again, not included in this tutorial)

Outermost Circle (1): 6.75” squares of Ash Grey x 2, Berry, Cerise
Outer Circle (2): 5.75” squares of Ash Grey, Berry, Pink, Bone
Outer Circle (3): 4.75” squares of Ash Grey x 2, Berry, Bone
Outer Circle (4): 3.75” squares of Ash Grey x 2, Cerise, Pink
Innermost Circle: 4.75” Lemon

Always use a ¼” seam allowance while piecing.

Circle Block Assembly:
1. Take the yellow square and use the circular cutter set at 2.25” (radius) to cut your circle resulting in a 4.5” circle in diameter.

2. For all the other five circles:
– Sort out all the squares by size.
– Lay out each of the four squares that will make up each block.

– Sew together two sets of two-square blocks to make two rows.

– Sew together the two sets, matching the seam to make a 4 x 4 block.

3. A circle from each block needs to be cut:
– Outermost Circle (1): 12.5”, finished 12” (Use a Drunkard’s Path template by folding the block into quarters and pinning the template, and cut based on the template instructions– Not included.)
– Outer Circle (2): 10.5”, finished 10” (Use a Drunkard’s Path template by folding the block into quarters and pinning the template, and cut based on the template instructions– Not included.)
– Outer Circle (3): 8.5”, finished 8” finished (Use either the rotary cutter or Drunkard’s Path template– Not included.)
– Outer Circle (4): 6.5”, finished 6” (Use either the rotary cutter or Drunkard’s Path template– Not included.)

4. Now, take the two smallest circles to make Block IC-OC4. Place the yellow circle on top of the outer circle (4), put a pin through the centers of the circles to align them. Rotate the outer circle (4) to the alignment you want. Baste the yellow circle to outer Circle 4 using a ¼ seam (I use a machine but you can also use hand basting).

5. Repeat Step 4 so that you baste each layer to the next:
IC-OC4 to IC-OC4-OC3
IC-OC4-OC3 to IC-OC4-OC3-OC2
IC-OC4-OC3-OC2 to IC-OC4-OC3-OC2-OC1

6. To attach each layer, use needle turn appliqué. As each layer is sewn together, cut the bottom most layer about ½” away for the stitching. This will thin the layers to make quilting, etc., easier.

Resources for tutorials on needle turn appliqué:
Fons and Porters Tutorial
Craftsy Class by Sarah Fielke

Pillow Top Assembly:
7. Make your quilt top sandwich by spray basting the muslin to batting to the Kona Ash Grey square.

8. Place your circle block in the location you want on your quilt top square. Baste the circle block to the quilt top.

9. Use needle turn appliqué to attach the final circle block to the top.

10. Remove the basting stitches.

11. Quilt the top.

Pillow Back Assembly:
12. Make a decision how you will finish the back of your pillow:
Envelope Tutorial on Sew Mama Sew
Invisible Zipper Tutorial from sewkatiedid
Zipper with Closure by SOTAK Handmade

13. Place the right sides of the top and back together, pin and stitch a ¼” to a ½” seam. If using a zipper back make sure you leave the zipper partially open.

14. Turn the pillow inside out, press. You are all done!

I hope you have a good time making this. It is a great project, and especially fun if you have never tried needle turn appliqué. This one is going off to one of my nieces for a Christmas gift.