Allie Olson from Indiesew is up next with a post to get you excited about sewing for yourself in the new year! Indiesew offers a one-stop shop for high-quality sewing patterns from independent designers, along with a supportive community to share your sewing with others. Take a look at the patterns and shared creations at Indiesew!

Greetings! I’m Allie and the co-founder of the online sewing community, Indiesew. I’m over-the-top enthusiastic about sewing my own clothing and about promoting independent makers and designers. It’s been a dream come true to watch my two greatest passions intersect in a sewing community where so many women share the same interests!

I began my adult sewing career repurposing thrifted clothing and blogging about my adventures with second hand clothing at Meadow Rue. I spent an entire year not buying a single piece of clothing as a challenge to sew more and waste less.

I have since transitioned to sewing garments from scratch and I revel in nice fabrics and unexpected details. My style is simple and clean, with a bent towards knit fabrics and comfortable dresses. Leather, piping, and pom pom fringe are my greatest weaknesses.

I live in Boulder, Colorado where I spend a lot of time playing in the mountains. I’m an active runner, hiker and skier. I have dreams of a future life as a textile designer and printmaker. But for now I’m just dreaming up my next sewing project.

Happy sewing!