Carrie Bloomston from Such Designs is an artist, textile designer, mama, creativity enabler and author of the new book, The Little Spark– 30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity.

Carrie’s book sparks you to renew your creativity and motivate yourself for a more passionate life in the new year. We asked Carrie to join our Sewing Resolutions series with 10 Ways to a More Creative YOU in 2015!

The Little Spark–30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity by Carrie Bloomston from Carrie Bloomston on Vimeo.

Here’s more about the book in the trailer, plus don’t miss Carrie’s ten suggestions for mixing up your routine below! If you like what you see you’ll love The Little Spark– 30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity.

Creativity isn’t something you do, it is who you are. It comes from how you see your beautiful self and this amazing life, and how you wander through the world. It comes from listening to your heart (often) instead of your limiting, habituated, restrained rational mind. It comes from remembering to play a lot, remembering what feels good and then doing that thing. For many of you here reading Sew Mama Sew it might be sewing or quilting or knitting, but it might also be baking, parenting, dancing, fishing, yoga, coding, kayaking, gardening or playing the fiddle. Whatever it is that you love to do is just one part of the sum total of your creative life.

I hope I am as creative when I am driving to pick up my kids from school as I am in my studio. I hope I have the ability to think through life situations creatively to find the right answer for myself instead of defaulting into knee-jerk, repetitive solutions. Living a creative life means thinking with your heart and being awake to your senses. It means wandering into the back-yard of your soul and playing until the sun goes down. It means following the tiniest threads of inspiration and becoming a detective to capture them before they disappear. A creative life yields some amazing fruits. It illuminates us from within. We can think more clearly, see more clearly, feel more clearly. Plus, it makes our craft come alive even more. And it just feels good.

Your creativity is like a pilot light. It is always on, even if you aren’t using the stove. It has been sitting at the center of you waiting for you to notice it. You were born with a creative spark. You won’t have to dig very far in yourself to find it because just there inside your heart is that sparkling, creative child you once were.

In the spirit of the New Year, I give you the following list of fun ideas to spark your creative life based on my book, The Little Spark– 30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity. Off you go!

1. I will sew a tiny object in 15 minutes– a pot holder, pin cushion or mini quilt– without using pins, iron, ruler, or rotary cutter AND I will only use the wrong side of the fabric. Additionally, I will pick out my least favorite decorative stitch on my machine and I will use that one at least once.

2. I have always been interested in ______________________ (insert country/culture here). I will research a market or cultural center from that country in my area and go to it this month. I will buy some of their food or craft products or visit a local museum featuring this country/culture.

3. I will go to my stash and grab one of the many, many 1/2 yards of fabric that I am hoarding in there because I am saving it for something special (even though that something special never comes along.) And I will make something small and special for myself (or someone I love) with it today. And I won’t make it perfect. I promise. I will just let it be simply and good and it will be good enough because it is my favorite fabric and I made it with love.

4. I have always wanted to milk a goat, make homemade candles, go to an organic dairy farm, attend a wine pressing, visit the Gilroy Garlic Festival… Insert other here:___________________________________ ________________________________________________________. I will do that in 2015, probably in _______________________ (insert month here).

5. I can draw a stick figure and, to prove that to myself, I am now drawing one. (Go on. Do it. OK. Good. Now you can never again say that you can’t even draw a stick figure. You totally can.) In fact, go to your bathroom or closet mirror and draw a portrait of yourself using any materials you have. Once you are finished, think of ten kind, loving things to say about yourself and write them on your picture. Hang it where you can see it.

6. Tonight, I am going to eat dinner alone or with my family under my dining table. I will eat under there with a flashlight and maybe even throw a sheet over the table so I am in a fort. To change the scenery, get a different view… And to be more like a kid again.

7. Today at the grocery, I can’t buy anything familiar. I have to buy three things I have never bought, used or cooked with.

8. I will write with my left (or non-dominant) hand all day.

9. I will write my favorite quote somewhere on my wall so I can see it every day.

10. I don’t eat enough ___________________________(insert exotic food item from any culture here). I don’t even know where to get____________________ (kaffir lime leaves, ghee, raw cocoa powder, etc.) and I am going to go find some this month.

How will you jump outside of your routine and find a way to a more creative YOU this year?!