Vicky of Vicky Myers Creations and the Vicky Myers Creations Etsy shop shows you how to make an easy Fabric Heart Garland to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day. Here’s your chance to use each fancy stitch on your machine! (And if you have a very basic machine varying sizes and colors of zig-zag stitching will give you equally lovely impact.) This is also a great project for young and/or new sewists eager to learn to sew on a machine.

Learn more about Vicky in her introduction, and enjoy spreading some love with these happy hearts!

The house always looks a little barren after Christmas, so this year we decided to transform our wooden Christmas tree into a seasonal tree. For January is it is decorated with snowflakes and in February it will be hearts. I’ll show you how to create awesome Valentine fabric hearts using embroidery stitches!

To create your own tree you will need seven branches in various lengths, and one long piece of wire. Wrap the wire around the branches, creating two sides of a triangle. On ours the shortest branch is 9” and the longest branch is 34”.

To Create Valentine Fabric Hearts You Need:

  • Red fabric, two 14″ squares
  • Interfacing
  • Fabric adhesive (I used Bondaweb)
  • Variety of pink + red threads
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Tailor’s Chalk

To Make Your Hearts:
Iron the interfacing onto the back of your red fabric.

Machine stitch various stitches diagonally across one square of your fabric. Have fun using stitches you rarely use (or, like me, have never used before!). Add variety by changing your threads regularly.

Once you are satisfied with the quantity of stitching, glue your second fabric square to the back (with Bondaweb you iron it on). Mark out hearts with tailor’s chalk and cut.

Using a little wire or thread hang your hearts on your stick tree. You can stitch them together or poke wire through the tops.

You can also use your hearts to create a heart garland. Simply thread and hang.

Or you could use the hearts to make some cards to demonstrate your love!… Will you decorate for Valentine’s Day?