What are you sewing this winter? Trend-spotter Kelley Gilbert from Casa Crafty joins us each month with a few themes that jump out at her from the online sewing community. Are you sewing spring dresses, lingerie or incorporating metallics in your latest looks?

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We are in that interesting transition of winter and spring. We’ve turned the corner and the days are getting longer again, if only by minutes. The sun is peeking out here and there and, with that sun comes the desire to wear a frock or two! Here are this month’s trends…

Harem + Hudson: Mini Editions

If you haven’t caught on to the beloved women’s lounge pants the Hudson, you will love these mini editions and their compatriots, the harem pant!

Clockwise from top left: Alley Cat Romper: Max California, Color Blocked Saurels: Needle and Ted, Mini Hudsons: Sweet K.M., Mini Hudsons: Petit a Petit & Family, Harem Pants: Mucho XOXO, Mini Hudsons: Our Family Four

Metallic Fabric

Metallics are always a lovely edition to your stash. They provide an unexpected excitement to prints and let you shimmer in little bits. With last year’s debut of Cotton and Steel, we’re all hooked on a little metallic!

Clockwise from top left: Kaufman Linen Metallic: Little Lane Fabrics, Camelot Metallic Gold Baubles: A&A Cotton Creations, Charms Double Gauze: Imagine Gnats, Violet Craft Timber Valley: Indeed Fabric, Cotton and Steel Basics: Modern Love Fabrics


I have been watching quite a lot of beautiful lingerie cropping up across the sewing blogs. Here are a few prime examples!

Clockwise from top left: Amber Rosalind : Madalynne, Pajama Party: Mokosha, Here Kitty Kitty: Very Purple Person, First Lingerie: My Dress Made

Spring Frocks

It is still winter in my neck of the woods, but with tights and a cardi, even a spring frock can be worn RIGHT NOW!

Clockwise from top left: Margot Dress: Handmade Martini, Emery Dress: Sew Exhausted, Celestial Dress: Pattern Fantastique, Floral Maxi: The Quirky Peach