Andrea Bertone from The Sewing Fools calls herself a “serial collector of hobbies,” who fell in love with sewing early on in life. Andrea offers professional longarm quilting services and sells quilts, quilt patterns, accessories and more in her shop. Adrea designed the Crochet on the Go Bag so you can easily tote your projects on trips or as you wait for appointments (or for your favorite sports/music star to complete their practice/lesson!).

This Crochet on the Go Bag was made using fabric from the Mochi collection by Rashida Coleman-Hale (Mochi Floral Linen, Hot Cross Buns in Plum and Mochi in Sky). You can find these and other Cotton + Steel prints in stock at Jones & Vandermeer.

Andrea is hosting a giveaway at The Sewing Fools! She’s giving away the sample bag shown here, so head over to enter. While you’re there look around on Andrea’s site for her latest projects and tutorials (like this easy casserole carrier).

Oh how I wish I could sew on the go, but that just isn’t practical unless someone creates a battery powered sewing machine with a portable table. So what is a craft girl to do to keep her fingers busy? Crochet on the go! This handy bag, inspired by a wine bottle tote, will hold two skeins of yarn, several crochet hooks, pattern, stitch markers and scissors. Let’s get started!


  • Main Fabric: 1/3 yard
  • Lining Fabric: 1/3 yard
  • Outside Pocket Fabric: 1/3 yard or a Fat Quarter
  • Inside Pocket Fabric: 1/3 yard or a Fat Quarter
  • 1 Ponytail Holder
  • 1 Large Button
  • Crochet on the Go Bag PDF Pattern

Cut List:

  • Main + Lining Fabric: Using the downloadable PDF pattern, cut 2 each on the fold.
  • Outside Pocket Fabric: 8.5” x 12” rectangle and 8.5” x 10” rectangle
  • Inside Pocket Fabric: 8.5” x 12” rectangle and 8.5” x 7.5” rectangle

Unless otherwise noted, all seams are 1/4”.

1. Tape the two pattern pieces together and lay it on the fabric against the folded edge. Pin and cut.

2. Cut the rectangles of your outside and inside pockets. With wrong sides together, fold the 8.5” x 10” and 8.5” x 7.5” rectangles in half along the 8.5” edge and press. This creates the pieces for the front pockets.

3. On the right side of the bottom two corners, mark a 2” square. This will help you create the squared bottom in later steps.

4. Next, mark the stitching lines for the pockets. You can customize them for your own needs but here is the layout I used. It easily holds four crochet hooks, a pattern, scissors and stitch markers.

5. Lay the 8.5” x 12” rectangle of inside pocket fabric with right side up. Then, lining up the bottom raw edges, add the 8.5” x 5” folded rectangle. Stitch on your lines to create the small pockets. Make sure to backstitch at the top of the pocket to strengthen the pocket. You’ll then repeat the step with the smaller 8.5” x 3.75” folded rectangle.

6. To keep your items nice and safe, you’ll be adding a button and pony tail holder to your pocket unit. The button is centered from left to right and the bottom is approximately 1” from the bottom edge of the fabric.

7. Lay the 8.5” x 12” rectangle of outside pocket fabric with right side down on top of the pocket unit. You will sandwich the ponytail holder in the center of the top edge. Stitch around the pocket unit leaving a 2-3” opening along the bottom. The ponytail holder will poke out the top. As you stitch over it make sure to pull to ensure it has been caught by the stitches. If not, reverse stitch over it to secure.

8. Clip the four corners and turn right side out. Press. The opening will be closed when stitching it to the bag.

9. Lay one of the outside bag pieces right side up and layer the pocket unit on top of it centered and 2” from the bottom. Mark the two sides 6” from the bottom, pin and stitch around the two sides and the bottom.

10. Time to move onto the bag! With right sides together stitch the top edge of the main fabric pieces together. Repeat for the lining. Press seams to the side. With right sides together, stitch the main fabric and lining fabric together along the curved edges.

11. Pull the bag through so the right sides are outside. Press.

12. Fold the outside fabric so they are right side together and the lining fabric so they are right side together. It sounds confusing, but hopefully the picture makes it clear.

13. Turn the bag inside out and line up the bottom edges. Stitch across all four layers. To clean up the edge, serge or zig zag.

14. Now, using the boxes you drew in Step 3, create the boxed corners and pin. Stitch and across, trim to 1/4” and then serge or zig zag to finish the edge.

15. Load up your bag and start crocheting on the go!

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