Helen from Bustle & Sew designs softie, embroidery, appliqué and quilting patterns. She also produces the monthly Bustle & Sew Magazine chock full of patterns, articles and more! This month’s issue includes six original Bustle & Sew designs, interviews, articles and lots of sewing hints and tips. Helen created this little Easter Bunny just for our 6 Weeks of LOVE for Softies series. She designed this as a simple, entry-level softie easy for beginners to try, including kids. He is hand stitched and a sweet addition to any spring celebration.

Helen is giving away two kits for this little fellow at Bustle & Sew a little later today, so don’t forget to comment on her blog for a chance to win. You can also learn more about Helen and her work in her introduction, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

There’s nothing cuter than a baby bunny at Easter time. Ours are super-cute and super-easy to stitch in felt, making them a great beginner’s project or a fun activity with kids. Why stop at one when you can enjoy a whole family in the sweetest pastel shades this spring?

You Will Need:

  • Bunny Template
  • 9” square wool blend felt. Don’t be tempted to use cheap acrylic felt, you won’t enjoy sewing it so much and your finished bunny won’t be nearly as nice.
  • 4” x 3” printed cotton fabric
  • 2 ½“ x 3 ½“ lightweight card (e.g. from cereal box)
  • Stranded cotton embroidery floss
  • Two small spherical black beads for eyes
  • 1” premade pompom (or make your own from yarn)
  • Black thread
  • Bright pink stranded cotton floss for nose + assorted colors if you want to embellish your bunny
  • Toy stuffing

Cut out all pieces as directed on the PDF template.

Place the two main body pieces together and stitch around the curved edge leaving the straight bottom edge open. Use three strands of floss and work half cross stitch in one direction. Then return in the other direction to complete the stitch. This makes a nice strong decorative seam.

Now begin to stuff the body. Use small pieces of stuffing to avoid lumpiness, and push them well up into your bunny’s nose.

When your body is about three-quarters full of stuffing attach the felt base using cross stitch as before. Stitch half-way round, then slide your card base into the body between the stuffing and the felt base.

This will make sure your bunny has a nice flat base and can stand without being wobbly. Continue stitching around, inserting more stuffing before you finally close the seam. Your bunny needs to feel nice and firm, but be careful not to overstuff him as you will distort the shape and cause the seams to strain and possibly tear.

Place the printed cotton inner ears right side up on top of the felt outer ears and stitch around the edges using cross stitch as before. Fold in half lengthways and attach to sides of head.

Mark the position of the eyes using glass-headed pins. Take your time over this until they’re exactly right as their positioning will affect your bunny’s final expression. When you’re happy attach black beads pulling the thread fairly tightly to create little hollows in the sides of the head for the eyes to sit in. Stitch nose with pink floss and sew tail in place.

Your bunny is now finished. He will look great plain, or why not add some embellishment? Or make a whole family of pastel colored bunnies? I chose to use some simple embroidery stitches, but there are so many other ways you could decorate him. The only limit is your imagination!