Allegra of Skirt Fixation, a talented and very professional 16 year old sewist, may just be our youngest contributor yet here at Sew Mama Sew. Allegra blogs at Skirt Fixation with her mom and sisters; she’s “second in command and Chief Photographer!” She loves embroidery and has great fun combining this with another love… Food! Allegra writes, “Felt food is a fun and educational toy that younger children love to touch. My little siblings’ personal favorite out of all of the items that I have made is the felt teabags. I stuff them with real aromatic herbs, and little kids adore smelling them over and over!”

Learn more about Allegra and her creative family at Skirt Fixation. We think these fun felt foods tie in nicely with our 6 Weeks of LOVE for Softies series! (Here are some recent thoughts on using wool felt.)

Do you have a favorite felt food you’ve seen or made?!

Today I have a tutorial for an easy felt breakfast food set including an egg, bacon, pancake and teabag! You can download the PDF patterns for these items here.


You Will Need:

  • White felt (I use scraps because the eggs aren’t very large)
  • Yellow felt (I use very small scraps)
  • White and Yellow embroidery floss
  • Very small amount of stuffing

Pin oval egg pattern onto white felt. Cut out two ovals. Pin egg yolk pattern onto yellow felt. Cut out one.

Place egg yolk on one of the white ovals. Pin if needed. With two strands of yellow embroidery floss, begin to stitch the yolk onto one of the ovals. Bring the thread up through the bottom, and then put it through a small distance away. When the yolk is ¾ of the way sewn down, pause and stuff it with a small amount of stuffing.

Begin to stitch the two white ovals together. To do a Blanket Stitch, bring your needle down through the two layers. Pull thread through until just a small loop remains. Put your needle through the loop and pull tight. There are quite a few good tutorials if you type in “blanket stitch” in your preferred search engine.

Stuff the egg with a tiny amount of stuffing if desired. Finish stitching the egg together. Repeat to make as many cute little eggs as needed!


You Will Need:

  • Dark red felt (If you have good-sized scraps, you can use them)
  • Pink felt (you can use very small scraps)
  • Pink embroidery floss

Pin bacon pattern piece pattern to red felt. Cut out one piece. Out of the pink felt, cut two strips the approximate length of the bacon. These can be rather raggedy as they represent the bacon fat!

Using a regular up-and-down stitch, sew the pink pieces of felt onto the red piece, positioning them so that there is a small space between them.
Note: The red felt that I used is wool felt, and so thick that I only poked the needle partway into it, so the pink stitching doesn’t show on the back.

Repeat these steps to make as much bacon as desired!


Note: If you want to make a plain pancake simply leave off the syrup and butter pieces, and just stitch the two round pieces of felt together.

You Will Need:

  • 1 sheet of pancake-brown felt
  • Dark brown felt (You can use large scraps)
  • Yellow felt (You can use small scraps)
  • Dark brown, medium brown + yellow embroidery floss
  • Small amount of stuffing

Using the pancake pattern, cut out two light brown felt circles. Using the dark brown felt, cut out one syrup pattern. Using the yellow felt, cut out two small yellow butter patterns.

Put the two small yellow squares together, and stitch them in place on top of the syrup piece. Poke your needle up through the yellow pieces, and back down through the dark brown piece to secure it.

Stitch the dark brown syrup to one of the light brown circles. Use the same stitch as in previous step.

Stitch the two light brown circles together ¾ of the way using blanket stitch.

Stuff lightly with stuffing and finish stitching up.


Note: These smell really good!

You Will Need:

  • Scraps of white felt
  • White + colorful embroidery thread
  • Colorful ribbon
  • Aromatic dried herbs

Using the teabag pattern, cut out two pieces. Using the teabag tag pattern, cut out one tag.

Sandwich one end of the ribbon between the tops of the two teabag pieces. Stitch the pieces together using blanket stitch, leaving the bottom open.

Stuff the teabag with the dried herb leaves, then sew the bottom shut using blanket stitch. I chose to use spearmint in this teabag.

On the other end of the ribbon, fold the tag piece in half and sandwich the ribbon inside of the folded tag piece. Stitch around the tag with colored embroidery floss to close it. I also embroidered a small leaf on the tag for fun.

If you want to see more felt food I’ve made, including a sweet little donut that would go fabulously with this breakfast, go on over to Skirt Fixation and check it out!