Erin of Boolah Baguette designs plush dolls and toys, and sells originals in her Boolah Baguette shop. We recently featured one of her designs as a Softie Du Jour! There’s always something new from Erin, like these sweet-as-can-be Wee Elves for spring. Erin has a couple of posts for our Six Weeks of LOVE for Softies series, and the first is coming up next…

From Erin: Hi! I make dolls, soft toys, and soft sculpture under the name Boolah Baguette. I grew up around a sewing machine, but I really got into sewing as a creative outlet after my daughter was born, almost seven years ago. I started out making children’s clothing, but was pretty quickly pulled into the world of soft toys. Since then I have been working at evolving my designs and patterns, always using fabrics that I love. I enjoy being able to indulge my love of textiles and cute things, and that what I make is only limited by my imagination. I work out of a small studio in Saskatoon, Canada, where I live with my husband and two kids.

I can also be found over at where I blog about my life and doll making adventure. Stop over and say hi!

Visit Erin’s shop, and find more on Facebook and Instagram.