We have a favorite softie of the day to share throughout our 6 Weeks of LOVE for Softies!

Jodie Carleton of Ric-Rac

Jodie Carleton of Ric-Rac recently added to the fun of our Six Weeks of LOVE for Softies series with Fig the Mouse, a free pattern. It’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite from the impressive selection in Jodie’s amazing softies repertoire, but we absolutely love her robots.

There’s even a Bus Stop story and Bus Stop eBook featuring these Bus Stop Bots. Don’t miss Jodie’s softie sewing patterns which, of course, include a robot!

Abby Glassenberg and Kristin Link selected each designer in our Softie Du Jour series. Don’t miss our Spectacular Softies Contest Rules + Prizes and consider participating in our Soft Toy Drive to Benefit Children in Foster Care. #6WeeksOfSofties