Jessie of Faraway Road is the creator of Snowflakes Freezer Paper Shapes for paper piecing and applique. After years of wishing someone would sell die-cut freezer paper shapes, she finally decided to jump in and do it herself! Why freezer paper? Because you can iron it on to your fabric and it stays put while you sew! No need for pins, paper clips or glue. Jessie’s shapes are professionally die cut in a New England factory and packaged and sold from her mid-Atlantic home.

Jessie also home schools her four children and dreams of someday being called a farmer.

Find more from Jessie at Faraway Road and the Faraway Road Etsy shop, where you can purchase her Snowflakes Freezer Paper Shapes. Don’t miss Jessie’s latest quilt for her daughter Vivian!

Some of Jessie’s beautiful paper piecing