In March 2015 Lisa DiAntonio launched Green Park Studios, a new “print your own fabric” company. Lisa lives just north of Boston with her husband, and three children.

Lisa has loved to sew her whole life. Her mom taught her to sew when she was in middle school and she’s been in love with fabric and sewing ever since. Last year, knowing that her youngest would be headed off to school full time, Lisa knew it was time to think about her next career. Lisa wanted to start her own business, and she knew it would be something in the creative world. At the beginning of 2014 Lisa started making pillows for family and friends; trying to be creative, Lisa wanted to print her own photography on her pillows. One of her favorite shots was of the Boston Marathon finish line, taken from the top floor of the Lenox Hotel. Lisa started looking for a local company to print on fabric but couldn’t find anyone. She then took her research to the internet and discovered the technology of digital fabric printing. Lisa was so excited about this technology and knew this is what she wanted to do… Print custom fabrics for others. With the support of her family she purchased her first digital fabric printer in August 2014 and Green Park Studios was born.

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