Jessie from Faraway Road and the Faraway Road Etsy shop creates beautiful paper pieced quilts and more. Learn all about Jessie in her introduction, which includes information on the Snowflakes Freezer Paper Shapes she produces and sells in her shop.

Jessie designed this paper pieced Spring Basket tutorial, and she has Spring Basket kits available in her shop with a small pack of 1 inch hexagons, a mini pack of 1 inch triangles and enough In-R-Form stabilizer for one basket. If you’re new to paper piecing this is a nice starter project with a satisfying finished product! If you’re an EPP expert you may end up wanting to make several baskets; the baskets make lovely hostess gifts, or you could make one for your own home too.

Looking for more paper piecing projects? We have a lot of really beautiful free tutorials and patterns!

This Spring Basket is a satisfying and useful paper pieced project! Download the free pattern and take your hand sewing out and about as you run errands this spring. With a little done here and there you’ll have a pretty basket in no time!…


  • Spring Basket PDF Pattern
  • Scraps for hexagons, at least 32 – 2.5” x 2.5” or equivalent
  • Fabric for triangles and outer base, approx. 7” x 22”
  • Inner (lining) fabric, 7” x 33”
  • In-R-Form foam stabilizer 6” x 30”
  • Snowflakes freezer paper shapes for EPP: small pack 1 inch hexagons and mini pack 1 inch equilateral triangles
  • Thread for machine and hand piecing (I use Aurifil 50 wt)
  • #8 Perle cotton for inner accent stitches
  • Paper and fabric scissors, plus thread snips
  • Water soluble marker
  • Hand sewing needles (I use Roxanne #10 sharps for piecing, and an embroidery needle with the perle cotton)

Begin with the English Paper Piecing:
Prepare 32 hexagon and 60 1” equilateral triangle pieces for English paper piecing. If you need a primer on English paper piecing, please see my how-to videos on Faraway Road.

Join eight hexagons and 15 triangles into one panel as shown above. Repeat for a total of four panels.

Join one pair of panels along the (angled) side seam.

Repeat with the other pair.

Join the two pairs together to form an open-bottomed basket shape. Remove paper templates, and iron open the seam allowances at top and bottom of the basket.

Prepare the Other Fabrics + Stabilizer:
Note: ¼ inch seam allowance is included in the pattern pieces.
Print and cut out pattern pieces, taping together the foam stabilizer side pattern piece into one long piece and matching diagonal markings.

Cut out fabric and stabilizer pieces. Mark pivot points on outer base with a water soluble marker.

Bring the short sides of the stabilizer side piece together to form a circle and whip stitch the entire angled side seam, sewing only through the outer layer of the stabilizer.

Fold each V-shaped notch together until the sides touch and whipstitch in the same manner.

Stitch Outer Base to EPP:
Now we switch to machine sewing! Use a ¼ seam allowance throughout.

With pieced side panels on top, right sides together, match one side of the outer base fabric with one bottom edge of the sides. The pivot points marked on the base will match perfectly with where your hand stitching stops between side panels. Sew from marked dot to marked dot.

Then with needle down, pivot the fabrics to align the next side of the base with the corresponding side’s bottom edge. Again sew to the marked dot, stopping with the needle down. Repeat for the remaining two sides. Press seam towards the base.

Stitch Lining:
With right sides together, sew two lining fabric panels together along the boomerang-shaped side seams.

Repeat with the other two side pieces, then sew the pairs together to form an open-bottomed basket. Press seams open.

Sew Lining to Basket:
With lining on the outside, right sides together, first align the square bottoms of the outer basket and the lining. Being sure the shapes nestle nicely together, line up and pin the top edge seam.

With the pieced panel on top, sew the top seam. Go slow and follow the remains of the fold line as your guide.

Pull wrong side out into a long tube. Press seam towards the outer fabric. Pull right side out.

Insert Stabilizer + Finish:
Fold up the stabilizer side piece, slip into the fabric shell through the open base of the lining fabric, and unfold.

Aligning the side seams of the fabric with those of the foam stabilizer, work the fabric into place on the stabilizer. Be sure the top seam is straight along the edge of the stabilizer. Pin around the top edge as you get that seam aligned.

Smooth the lining fabric into place (your iron may help) and pin a few times around the middle of the basket. Then from the outside of the basket, pin through the outer base to hold down the bottom edges of the lining fabric.

On inside of basket, use masking tape to mark 1” down from the top edge. With perle cotton, sew a decorative running stitch along the bottom of the tape, sewing through the lining fabric and stabilizer but not the whole way through to the outer fabric.

Center the stabilizer base piece onto the wrong side of the lining fabric base piece, wrap the edges of the fabric around the stabilizer and stitch the fabric edges to the stabilizer using running stitches. Do not stitch the whole way through the stabilizer.

Put the fabric-covered stabilizer base into place in the basket and secure by hand with ladder or slip stitch.

Now put your basket where it’s sure to bring you joy every day!

You can get a starter kit which includes enough Snowflakes Freezer Paper Shapes and the In-R-Form foam stabilizer for one basket on my website, or in my Etsy shop.

Want to make a little Spring Basket, but don’t have time for all the EPP? See my blog for a variation that has just a touch of EPP!