Donna from Ebony Shae Designs sells wide variety of patterns for masks, finger puppets and baby items. She specializes in realistic animal masks and thematic finger puppet sets. She’s here with a free Duck Finger Puppet Pattern + Tutorial! These are easy to make, and great for gifts. We think it would be fun to make a set to go with Raffi’s version of “Five Little Ducks!”

Learn more about Donna in her introduction, and stop by Ebony Shae Designs to check out Donna’s work. Ebony Shae Designs is also on Facebook.

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  • 1 piece each of (1 mm thick, 100% pure wool) felt in chosen colors. (The colors displayed are: Gold, black, white and tangerine.)
  • Matching thread in yellow, black and white
  • Ducky Finger Puppet PDF Pattern
  • White or cream shiny embroidery floss/thread
  • Sewing needle, pins & scissors

Print the Ducky Finger Puppet PDF Pattern. Cut pieces out of felt. Lay “Wing” onto ducky front piece, as shown on pattern. Sew in place with blanket stitch and matching thread around the outside edge of wing.

Place “Eye White” onto the front 1/3 of the head, approximately in the center as shown. Stitch in place with white thread and small running stitches.

Place “Eyeball” onto “Eye White,” at the very edge, closest to the outside edge/front of the head. Sew in place with black thread and small running stitches.

Place “Eye Lid” over pupil and eye white, at the top, so that the corner of the eyelid matches the corner of the eye white. Sew in place around the outside edge of eyelid with gold thread and small running stitches.

Using your shiny embroidery floss, place a French knot where you desire, on the eyeball.

Place “Front” on top of “Back” puppet pieces, with “Beak” sandwiched between these two layers. Position “Beak” top level with the center of the Ducky’s eye. With gold thread, blanket stitch around the outside edge of the ducky puppet, starting and ending at positions marked on pattern and leaving the bottom open for fingers.