Each of the participants in our Spoonflower Kitchen Challenge selected two kitchen/food-themed prints from Spoonflower. Our challengers then put their two prints to use, making something new for their kitchens! Mary made handy, reusable Sandwich Wrappers and Alicia organized her pantry.

Spoonflower has an incredibly diverse selection of modern fabrics, available in lots of different base cloths (and you can even print wallpaper or wrapping paper!).

Daisy from Ants to Sugar made a stand mixer cover with her pretty fabrics that feature various cooking herbs.

Daisy has links in her post to show you the tutorials and guides she considered when making her mixer cover. There’s lots to enjoy at Ants to Sugar, from Daisy’s most recent finished projects to her latest quilt blocks and more. She’s using the rest of her Spoonflower fabrics to make a paper pieced luna moth placemat, so watch for that soon! In addition to her website you can also find Daisy on Instagram.

Find more from our challengers on their sites:

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