Fabric and pattern designer Mo Bedell showed us how to make a Hanging Gardens Mobile to add a visual interest to a room with your favorite scraps. We also have her Summer Reading Library Book Bag, Lego Tote and the pretty Hanging Vase for summer parties.

Mo is back with a lovely, roomy All Season Tote Bag PDF Tutorial. This could be your perfect new bag for the summer! (Or maybe fall?!… We love the plaid version too.) The two sea-themed prints are from Mo’s Full Moon Lagoon fabric collection. Don’t let the piping scare you away; Mo shows you how easy it is to get this professional look.

    From Mo: I don’t think you can ever have enough tote bags. I love this bag because it has a nice roomy, boxy shape that can fit so much. It is also comfortable to carry and sturdy with strong handles. The piping on this bag is my favorite part and such a great way to add a little pop of your favorite color or print. For a long time I was intimidated by piping because I didn’t take the time to really look into how to do it and it looked a little difficult. I used some YouTube tutorials to help guide me and, once I tried it I found that it is not at all difficult, and it gives such a nice polished look to things that it is well worth the effort. Initially when I started putting piping on everything I used my zipper foot. By using your zipper foot with your needle as far left as it can go, you can get nice and close to the piping cord. Though a zipper foot works perfectly well, I find a piping foot is even easier and helps you to be nice and accurate with little effort. The cord glides right through the groove on the foot which make sewing piping into several layers a little more foolproof than with a zipper foot. Piping feet can be purchased for around $20 and I think you will find it a really fun addition to your foot collection.

Download your free All Season Tote Bag PDF Tutorial and let’s see some new bags!

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