We want you to meet all of the judges in our Super Online Sewing Match! Fancy Tiger Crafts is a revolutionary shop in Denver, Colorado that specializes in craft supplies and classes for the modern crafter. They’re celebrating the 9 Year Anniversary of Fancy Tiger Crafts this June 27th (with a party)! Owners Jaime Jenning and Amber Corcoran have a vision to inspire people to reach their crafting potential through modern, sustainable supplies and quality instruction. They believe creating things by hand makes people feel better and that if more people made things, the world would be a better place.

Jaime’s love of crafting had early beginnings as she spent lots of time in her mom’s shop, The Craft Peddler in Parker, Colorado. She learned to knit in 2001 and it’s been non-stop fiber action ever since.

Amber has a background in photography, painting and graphic design, but has always loved making things by hand. Once she discovered knitting and sewing she was absolutely hooked. She loves the creative process of making something by hand that is meant to be used and loved.

Jaime and Amber met in Galveston, Texas in the early 2000’s and became fast friends. Jaime started Fancy Tiger in 2006 and then invited Amber to partner with her in 2008; it’s been a perfect match ever since. In addition to the retail shop in Denver and the online shop, they also produce and design crafting kits, sewing and knitting patterns and even have their own yarn line. Jaime and Amber both love to make everything, from clothes and quilts to sweaters and shawls. They are avid hand-spinners and expert needle felters. They wear handmade items every day. In her spare time, Jaime loves hiking, traveling and seeking out delicious lattes. Amber likes foraging for mushrooms, savoring scotch and looking at pictures of ridiculously cute animals.

Jaime and Amber make garment sewing seem fun and approachable. Their versions of indie patterns always make us want to sew multiple versions for ourselves. They are excellent ambassadors for the craft and we’re excited to have them on the panel of judges.