We’re introducing you to our Super Online Sewing Match judges! Novita Estiti from Very Purple Person is a stay-at-home mom living in Tokyo with her family. Novita writes, “We’re originally from Indonesia. My son and I moved to Tokyo in 2008 when I got married to my husband who has been living here since 1999. This is the story of how I met my husband.

Shortly after moving to Tokyo, I found myself with lots of free time and I decided to restart this old hobby that I hadn’t been doing for almost ten years. It was one of the best decision in my life! This blog was started as my sewing journal so I can look at and learn from my past projects. I also tried other craft like knitting, crocheting, or needle felting, but always went back to sewing.”

Novita sews everything, beautifully. She has been blogging about what she makes consistently, with great photos and engaging commentary for years. She does it honestly and informatively, never afraid to post her failures as well as her successes. If ever there was a fearless sewist, it is Novita!

Be sure to check out her detailed tutorials available at Very Purple Person.