Aimee Cook is the owner of Aimee’s Victorian Armoire and the Aimee’s Victorian Armoire Etsy shop. She designed this Vintage-Inspired Capelet as a pretty accessory for your favorite summer dresses. Learn more about Aimee in her introduction, and shop Aimee’s Victorian Armoire for historically accurate, elegant, one of a kind garments.

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I love wearing vintage inspired clothing. So many pieces one wears or makes can reflect that unique blend of femininity and elegant lines which was such a trademark of clothes from the early half of the 1900’s. Here is a tutorial for just one of those pieces. This is a delicate 1930’s capelet, which can be made and adjusted as one desires. It’s the perfect accessory for the upcoming warmer months!


Use the Capelet PDF Pattern Guide to cut out your pattern pieces. Adjust for your personal size as needed.

Sewing Steps:
First, create a French seam down the center back of the capelet. This is where you stitch the two edges wrong sides together, trim off excess, and then create another stitching line with right sides together.

Now take the cut out collar pieces and arrange them either on yourself or your dress form. Make sure the lie flat and hang properly around your neck.

Take the capelet, wrong side up, and drape it over your dress form or yourself (you may need an extra pair of hands if draping on yourself.) Carefully create shoulder darts from the neck to the edge of the shoulders, and pin. This will help the capelet fall closely over your arms. Once you are happy with the fit, go ahead and stitch away.

Hem the edge of the capelet.

Now, sew the collar right sides together on all outer edges, leaving the inside edge open. Turn the collar right side out and press. Stitch one side of the collar to the neckline of the capelet, right sides together.

Turn over the raw edge of the loose collar section to the inside of the capelet and whip stitch closed.

Stitch the ties, turn right side out, and press flat.

The last step is to attach the ties to the inside of the capelet right next to the collar. Hand stitch securely in place.

Experiment with fabric, color and length to your heart’s content!