We ask our Super Online Sewing Match II challengers to tell us a little more about themselves each round. We heard about how they learned to sew and why our challengers sew. This week we want to see their sewing spaces! Where does the magic happen?!

Tanya from Mrs. Hughes

    “I am in the middle of moving my sewing space, so this is how my new sewing room looks in its infancy. I feel fortunate to have my own room to sew in, as for most of my life I was sewing in my dining room, in the living room or in my bedroom. It’s awesome to have a space where I can leave my sewing stuff out and I have a table to cut fabric out on rather than on a cardboard mat out on the floor. My new space is a little smaller than my previous one, but has a lot more light and I feel like I’m part of the world rather than hidden down in the basement in my old sewing room. I love organizing my sewing things, so I’m still working on that… Plus I eventually plan on doing some remodeling with this room, like taking out the carpet and replacing the curtains. It’s a work in progress.

    I love vintage sewing machines and so far have two in my new sewing room. I inherited the Pfaff 360 from my grandma and my grandpa made the sewing desk it’s on, which also has a cutting board that opens up on the back. I just recently found the pink Brother Cavalier at a thrift store last week and my husband has been fixing it up for me. I have a few more older sewing machines (pre-1940’s) that aren’t in working condition. I haven’t quite figured out how to display those yet. Along with vintage sewing machines, I also have a lot of vintage notions that I’ve thrifted, bought online and inherited.

    Also in my sewing room (but not shown), is a 1960’s TV stand converted for a flat screen and a 1960’s couch. I have a big cutting table yet to move to my new room, plus another desk or two. I’d love to have a space with machines set up that others could come and use while I sew away on mine. I spend most afternoons at home in my sewing room and it’s my favorite place to be. My husband often has to drag me out of there…”


Michelle from Sewnhenge

    “We have a two-story house, and upstairs is a big open room from the front of the house to the back with two windows on either side. It is between the bedrooms. We call it the theater room (we have a projection screen and a nice couch up here). We almost never use this room to watch movies, but I have taken up a lot of space for my sewing needs! The main table, where I keep my primary sewing machine and serger, is also my cutting table. I just move the machines around when I need my cutting mat. I love this table because Jake built it for me with his own two hands. It isn’t the most fancy thing in the world, but it was made with love and I cherish it dearly. To the left is my awesome Singer 201 on its own table, and to the right is my ironing board. I use an old shelving unit to the right of my table for my all my random sewing notions and behind me is the bookshelf I use for all my hoarded fabric, patterns and books. There is a lot of wonderful natural light during the day, but it was almost impossible to get good photos because of this; the pictures kept washing out! The walls are pretty bare up here because of the projection screen, but I just picked out an awesome sewing themed art piece that I’m going to make Jake buy me and put up on my wall!”


Shannon from Adventures of a Young Seamstress

    “My sewing space at the moment is temporary, since I’m staying at my uncle’s vacation condo for the summer. I drove here from my parents’ house, so I was able to bring my old sewing machine and my fabric stash with me. I’ve set everything up on the dining room table, and I’ve used old tin cans to organize everything that I like to have handy– the rest I store in drawers or plastic bins. I use swatch cards, which you can see on top of the bins of fabric, to keep track of my stash so I don’t have to dig through the bins every time I want to have a look through it. I cut out fabric and tape together patterns on the floor, unless they’re small pieces, in which case I use the table. It’s not perfect, but it’s perfectly functional for the summer, and I’m getting used to sewing without lots of the equipment I’m used to, like a serger and a rotary cutter. It’s also usually a lot messier than this! I try to clean it up after every project, so the only time it ever looks like this is when I’m just starting something new.
    When I go back to Montreal for school in the fall and move into my apartment there, I’m going to set up a sewing space in my bedroom. It’s not worth it to bring my sewing machine with me, since it was a secondhand machine that I bought off Craigslist and it’s a little temperamental at times. I’ll be looking into buying another machine once I’m there, so obviously the grand prize in this contest is a huge motivation for me!”


Teresa Behr from Dandelion Drift

    “My sewing space is not glamorous, nor has it ever been. I used to sew in a tiny room in our house, really the tiniest room you could imagine. Having my own sewing room meant I never cleaned up that space, and after each project, messes of thread and fabric were strewn across the floor. Well, fast forward to ten years after moving into this house, we are finally getting ready to do a kitchen renovation that we have always talked about. And this kitchen renovation is taking away my little sewing space (and replacing it with tons of storage and cabinets!). I thought I would be sad about losing my sewing room, but really I’m loving having to sew in the action of the house. I now sew on the dining room table, surrounded by my ironing board, little piles of fabric and the kids nearby. I really prefer sewing in the dining room. And I’m hoping that sewing where I can’t close the door will help me clean my sewing messes… Ha!”


Barbara from Zibergirl Sews

    I have a great little sewing room, with just enough room to turn around. It used to be my youngest daughter’s bedroom before she went off to college. Now it’s my dedicated work and storage space. I’ve been a busy bee, sewing up my Caravan Tote for Round Three of The Super Online Sewing Match so everything is all over the place and I’m too exhausted to straighten it up for any detailed pictures. But, when my sewing room is clean, it looks pretty nice.
    I have three sewing machines set up and ready to go, a Pfaff regular/decorative machine, a Viking serger and a Janome coverstitch machine. I also have an ironing board, and a small table for students to set up their machines. This room also serves as a guest bedroom, so there is a bed, pushed up against the wall with big pillows, a basket of finished customer work, and an assortment of handmade dolls. It’s also a catch-all for anything and everything I’m working on.


Leah from Sew Spoiled

    “My sewing space has changed as my life continues to change. Recently, my oldest daughter asked for her own room. Sharing with a younger sister was not working any more and she wanted her own space. My sewing room was dismantled and we moved her in. We then had to figure out where to put Sew Spoiled? It was determined that the bonus room would have to do (which is [also] the TV watching, game room). My girls love it because it is easy for them to sew on the machines. The machines are always ready for action. The cover is never on, what is that for? I guess if you travel with it. (Day-dreaming: I would love to go on a sewing retreat… OK, back to reality.) The lighting is good in my new space. I am very fortunate to have a serger, sewing and embroidery machine.
    Fabric and pattern storage has always been an issue. I store a lot of fabric under beds and in closets. I take pictures of inside of the storage bins, so I know where to look when a project comes around. My two favorite pieces in my sewing space are my yellow ruffled glass pin dish and my Martha Washington sewing cabinet. The ruffle dish was given to me by a close friend and I love it. It is in a lot of Sew Spoiled pictures almost like a mascot.
    The Mary Washington sewing cabinet holds everything you need to put your fingers on: scissors, measuring tape, buttons, zippers, etc. It has two saddle bag compartments and three drawers. One thing I would change is adding shelving or more storage. My girls and I love to make dolls, dresses and accessories, so poor Dad is driven out sometimes in a wave of fabric from the bonus room. He is a really good sport and he helps me with pictures. Even though I have a small space, it is mine and I love it!”

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