Glenis Ebbett from Gee’s Projects is based in New Zealand and designs sweet doll and softie patterns, each named after one of her grandchildren. In the Gee’s Projects shop you can find PDF patterns for each of the little friends Glenis makes, including the Leah Honey doll pictured in the blue carrycot below. The sweet, little bear is Saxon Bear, a new pattern.

Glenis designed this carrycot to fit her toys and dolls (16″ or 40 cm length). It’s easy to make a comfy spot for your next softie; the carrycot and doll together would make a special gift! Children appreciate having a special place to tuck their dolls and softies in, and parents love the extra play value. With a carrycot you can tuck in and carry! Have fun with the free tutorial, and explore the Gee’s Projects shop for more from Glenis. We’re partial to the Timi Tabby Kitty Cat and Kerah Rabbit!

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I looked up the definition of a Carrycot… It’s a light-weight baby’s bed with handles and I think originally they sat on wheels as a pram. This carrycot is sweet and softly padded; the pattern includes a mattress and pillow. It’s a delightful project for you to make.

Choose quality cotton fabric, with a firm weave– something sweet and child like. Then, for the lining and frill, select a coordinating fabric with a smaller pattern. I like spots myself but any small print will be lovely.


  • 1 yard of patterned fabric for exterior of the cot + pillow
  • 1.5 yards of coordinating fabric for lining, ruffle, handles + mattress
  • ¼ yard of firm batting will be plenty
  • Small quantity of firm interfacing for the band, either iron on or sew on
  • Stuffing for pillow + mattress
  • Cutting board, ruler + rotary cutter
  • Sewing machine, thread + scissors

Fabric Cutting Guide:

  • 2 pieces 24″ x 10″ cot sides
  • 2 pieces 24″ x 4″ band (cut 2 interfacing to fit)
  • 2 pieces 5.5″ x 9″ pillow
  • Lining fabric
  • 2 pieces 24″ x 9.5″ cot lining
  • 2 pieces 45″ x 4″ frill (the width of your fabric)
  • 2 pieces 16″ x 4″ handles
  • 2 pieces 17.5″ x 9″ mattress
  • Batting
  • 2 pieces 24″ x 10″

Getting Started:
For this project I have used ½” seams unless otherwise stated.

1. Place the 24″ x 10″ cot side pieces right side up on top of the same size batting pieces. Attach the batting by sewing around the edge with a ¼” seam. Place these pieces together right side facing and sew down the side seam (the short end) across the bottom and up the other side; really you are just creating a bag. Press open the seams the best you can.

2. I like to top stitch ¼” on either side of the seam to hold the seam flat. (This is optional.) You don’t need to get right into the corners as these will be cut off as we create the boxed base.

3. While your cot is still inside out lay it out flat creating points with your corners; line your side seams up with the bottom seam. Using your ruler measure across the ends 7″ and mark a line with a pencil. Pin then sew, and trim excess fabric off.

4. Make up the cot lining in the same manner omitting the batting. Sew side and bottom seams then press. Cut your corners in the same manner. Use your cutting board to line your work up keeping seams straight for measuring and cutting.

5. Turn your padded cot through to the right side. Slip the lining inside the cot and pin the top edges together, then sew.

6. Join frill pieces together at short ends, right sides facing. Fold in half lengthwise and press. Using two rows of gathering stitch gather the top edge. Pull up the gathers evenly to fit the perimeter of the cot. Pin, then sew in place.

7. To make up the handles press under ½” on both long sides then press in half long ways. Top stitch stitch neatly down both sides.

8. To attach handles measure 7.5″ from side seams toward center of cot and sew one end in place. The other end is sewn 7.5″ from opposite side seam. Do the same for your second handle.

9. To make up the band attach the interfacing to the back of both band pieces. Press under ½” on both long sides then press in half long ways. Unfold your pressing and join at short ends, right sides together. You may wish to just join one end and do the second seam after it has been measured.

10. Place the right side of the band to the top inside of your cot (the lining side) using the fold line as a ½” seam guide. Start by matching your band seam to the side seam. Pin all the way around, then join your second band seam to fit. Sew in place.

11. Fold the band over to the outer side of the cot. Pin, then sew neatly right on the edge. Fold your handles up and stitch to the band for extra strength.

12. To make up the mattress pin the two pieces together right sides facing. Using a ½” seam, sew around the perimeter leaving a hand-size gap to stuff. Trim corners and turn through. Stuff softly, making sure you push the stuffing into the corners then sew the opening closed. The pillow is made in the same manner.

Your dear little carrycot is finished and just for fun, as you can see, I’ve made a quilt from my scraps. Now it just needs a dolly.