Samantha owns and operates a Maker space in Portland, Maine for fiber and textile artists. We told you about her early summer stitching retreats, and now it’s time to register for the September Garment Sewing Weekend with Lauren Taylor of LLADYBIRD.

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The Event: A Gathering of Stitches Retreats in Maine
A Gathering of Stitches hosts events in beautiful Maine. The retreats provide an opportunity to make an intimate connection with your handcrafts in bucolic and soothing environments. Each event also emphasizes individual instruction and attention by keeping class sizes small. Registration is now open for Garment Sewing Weekend with Lauren Taylor of LLADYBIRD (10 participants maximum).

Where + When:
The Garment Sewing Weekend with Lauren Taylor of LLADYBIRD will take place at AGOS headquarters in Portland, Maine, September 24-27. Portland is a great city for foodies and makers!

How much does it cost, and what’s included?
The Garment Sewing Retreat is $500 and includes all instruction, lunches for four days and a special farm dinner at The Well in Cape Elizabeth. During the retreat participants will have full access to all the equipment at A Gathering of Stitches.

Lodging Options:
Retreat participants are responsible for their own housing in or near Portland, but there are lots of options and the hosts are happy to make all sorts of recommendations!

How many years has the event been presented, and how many people typically attend?
This is the first year! The inaugural event happened in May with a workshop with the Improv Queen of quilting, Sherri Lynn Wood. The goal is to optimize the intimacy of your sewing experience by keeping groups small, to emphasize and celebrate each person’s learning and exploration.

Description of Events:
The Garment Sewing Retreat will be a raucous four days of intensive garment exploration with Lauren Taylor, whose infectious spirit permeates everything she does. This will be a unique opportunity for garment sewists to dig deeper into their practice with the ultimate self-taught, can-do, wise-ass sewist ever to grace the internet! Each participant will discuss what they want to work on with Lauren before arriving. Then, when we gather at Cove Street here in Portland, it will be like a greatest sleepover party of sewing, with all the equipment you could ever need (huge cutting tables, sewing machines, sergers, ironing stations, dyeing facilities, dress-forms and more), plus Lauren Taylor for all the guidance you need to finally conquer those pants/that dress/linings, pleats, darts etc. Every day we’ll have a catered lunch, plus one night we’ll share a farm dinner at The Well in Cape Elizabeth (Lauren has requested a night of round robin– like speed dating– so we all get a chance to talk to everyone!). The rest of the time is open and free with unfettered access to the A Gathering of Stitches facilities from 9:00 a.m. to at least 6:00 in the evening, and maybe later if the group wants it.

Lauren Taylor lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and has been sewing for most of her life. She is self-taught, and has worked professionally for various clothing designers, created and produced her own small clothing line, and now teaches sewing classes. Lauren is a long time contributor for the widely successful Mood Sewing Network, and also blogs at her own personal site,

Learn more about Garment Sewing Weekend with Lauren Taylor of LLADYBIRD at A Gathering of Stitches.