Our judges had lots of positive things to say about the pretty Sutton Blouses in our Round One challenge. It’s difficult to say goodbye to some of our contestants each round in the contest; we wish Kristina and Meredith all the best and we’ll follow along on their sewing adventures via Instagram and their sites. Here’s what our judges had to say about the eight contestants moving on to Round Two in our Super Online Sewing Match:

Tanya from Mrs. Hughes

    Jenny writes, “I’m so impressed by the way Tanya incorporated delicate heritage techniques into such a modern pattern. The attention to detail is beautiful, and the final gauzy effect is dreamily perfect for warm summer evenings. I think this could be an heirloom piece of the future!”
    Amber writes, “I love this sheer linen, summery Sutton! The fabric choice is great, and the details are really well executed. The fit adjustments Tanya made are spot on and this blouse looks great on her.”


Barbara from Zibergirl Sews

    Novita writes, “Barbara’s decision to lengthen the Sutton blouse to dress length has created a simple but eye-catching piece. The pattern placement is well-thought and a good use of the stripes pattern. The dress looks very comfortable and trendy at the same time.”


Leah from Sew Spoiled

    Kristin writes, “I really love the rayon challis Leah used. It’s the perfect choice for this summery top and the coordinating accents on her hat and bag are very cute. All of Leah’s work with a muslin really paid off because the fit is perfect on her–the width on her shoulders and length on her torso are just right.  It’s a beautiful top for a day at the beach!”


Michelle from Sewnhenge

    Jaime writes: “This is my personal favorite fabric combo– the beige lace is a great touch. I think Michelle nailed the fit; the extra 2″ in the neck looks perfect.”


Shannon from Adventures of a Young Seamstress

    Michelle writes, “Let me just say that this young lady’s skills are crazy good! I’m thrilled with Shannon’s version of the Sutton blouse. I like that she took the time to make sure her diamonds down that front seam were not caught in the seams. She put in a lot of solid hand work for this blouse and it’s nicely done I might add. The addition of the rounded hem lines with the lace trim, makes this blouse stand out from the crowd was my favorite finish for that side seam.”


Teresa Behr from Dandelion Drift

    Rochelle writes, “…As I was scrolling through the contestant’s garments for the first time I couldn’t help but think ‘Now that’s a Sutton!’ from the first moment I saw Teresa’s version. Aside from choosing the right fabric, part of what makes a finished garment successful is how true it represents the original pattern. I think at some point every sewer falls victim to over fitting, poor fabric choice, or too many design changes (I’m definitely guilty of that!), so when you see a quintessential example of any particular pattern it tends to stand out. That’s why I love Teresa’s Sutton so much.”


Cheryl from Red Knits

    Michelle writes, “I’m a sucker for bright and bold flowers! What says summer like a flowery Sutton Blouse? The fabric choice is amazing and that contrasting color does tone down the flowers for a more neutral look. Cheryl’s lines and fabric matching were spot on and nicely done. The hand stitching gave the side seams a much more interesting view not to mention it showed us that Cheryl pays attention for details. She does not back-stitch, she ties knots… Details, details, details.”


Lori from Sewing Myself Stylish

    Rachel writes, “Lori: Sometimes inspiration comes when we least expect and that obviously played advantage to Lori’s mix-print blouse. I am a big fan of print crash and going off the rules when mixing things together so she won me over. The blouse looks beautiful inside and out and hand hemming just added to the attention to detail.”

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