Round Four in our Super Online Sewing Match was the toughest round yet for our judges. They had to eliminate one contestant, allowing three final contestants to move onto the fifth round. The sewists are each competing on such a high level, with top notch sewing skills and beautiful finished items. This time around we’re sad to say goodbye to Barbara. As our judge Rachel mentioned, Barbara shows such attention to detail in her sewing and the quality of her work shows in everything she makes. We’ll definitely follow her sewing adventures at Zibergirl Sews.

Shannon, Teresa and Leah all proceed to Round Five, which we’ll announce a little later today. They’re competing, neck and neck, for the Grand Prize Package, a Janome Skyline S5 Sewing Machine and the Janome 1110DX Pro Serger!

Here are a few comments from our judges…

Shannon from Adventures of a Young Seamstress

    Michelle writes, “OK, I’m just going to start calling Shannon the hand-sewing seamstress because she is all about hand stitching. I admire that quality about her because hand sewing does beautiful things to fabric. I don’t know who puts lining in pajamas but Shannon did, and because of this addition she had to make numerous modifications in these Carolyn Pajamas; now that’s skill! She has once again presented us with a well made garment with no flaws that I could see.”
    Novita writes, “Shannon did really well with all the finishing; underlining, slip stitches, hand stitched buttonholes… These might be the pajama with best looking insides!”
    Jenny writes, “Shannon’s perseverance and attention to detail on these PJs is amazing! The final result is clearly fantastically sewn and I love the bright color. All that work will no doubt pay off in years of PJ wearing to come!”


Teresa Behr from Dandelion Drift

    Rochelle writes, “Beautiful fabric choice and I’m so, so impressed with Teressa’s French seams!… I mean seriously impressed.”
    Rachel writes, “[By] using rayon for her choice of fabric Teresa certainly ups the style and coolness factor of her PJs. I loved her finishing techniques and how well she dealt with the pattern.”
    Amber + Jaime write, “These are seriously stylish PJs. we both love them! French seams everywhere in rayon is an impressive feat and will really make these stand the test of time. The rayon fabric drapes beautifully and the white piping and buttons are the perfect touch.”


Leah from Sew Spoiled

    Michelle writes, “This is my favorite fabric and piping pairing! (Try saying that three times fast.) I love the the lightness– if you will– of the Tiffany green polka dots against the stark black piping, buttons and bows… Oh my. The sewing was super clean inside and out. Did you see the inside of that top? Leah really put her own spin on classic looking pajamas. I could totally see myself wearing her Carolyn Pajamas at the Carlyle in the Empire Suite, sitting on the balcony, having my morning cup of coffee and eating a sunny side up egg while checking my Instagram. All jokes aside, she did a fantastic job!”
    Rachel writes, “You couldn’t tell Leah is a petite sewist looking at her pjs. She has adjusted the pattern proportions perfectly. I also loved her concept of ‘mint and chocolate.’ What a delicious idea.”
    Rochelle writes, “Leah’s ability to manifest inspiration into reality is completely spot on; Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is exactly what I thought of! These are a very well constructed, beautiful pair of pajamas.”

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