We were over the moon when Irene contacted us with her latest design, a fall-inspired mini quilt! We’re sure you’ll love the project just as much as we do. First click through each of the links to Irene’s Sugaridoo sites. In addition to sharing her quilting and crochet at Sugaridoo, you can find baking, cross stitch and more. Based in Holland, Irene is currently planning her wedding too! Irene’s project is up next…

Hi there, Irene here from Sugaridoo, all the way from Holland! I’m a mechanical engineer by day and a crafty pattern designer by night. I love to create cute and happy stuff that will make people smile.

You can read about my adventures in cross stitch, quilting, crochet and sewing on the Sugaridoo blog and you’ll find my patterns and DIY kits over on Etsy.

As soon as I could hold a needle, my mom taught me to sew. Both of my grandmas were always cross stitching or knitting socks, so I think it was genetically determined that I would follow along in their crafty footsteps.

This is the first quilt I designed, called “Things We Love.” I caught our happy memories in the blocks of a quilt as a surprise for my mom.

When I first started blogging it was all about cake decoration; I baked a lot while I was in university. But there was so much more that I wanted to share on my blog besides cakes, cupcakes and cookies. I changed the name of the blog to “Sugaridoo” so there was room for all of the crafty stuff I love to make.

A few years ago I also opened a little Etsy shop to share some of my patterns. Since I have a full time job it doesn’t go very fast, but one by one all the ideas in my head turn into patterns that appear on the blog and in the shop. Mike the Monkey was my first big crochet pattern, and I still love to crochet him!

It’s so much fun to see all the beautiful creations people make with my patterns. Sharing my crafty passions with others is just awesome!

I recently started to create DIY kits with all the supplies needed to crochet of cross stitch a Sugaridoo pattern. I so love to work with all of the happy and brightly colored materials. It’s very generous of my almost hubby to let me turn the second bedroom into a sewing studio!

I really like to make new crafty friends. Please say “hi” via Instagram, Facebook or the Sugaridoo blog. I hope to see you there!