Rena Dearden from Rustic Horseshoe has a project coming up next perfect for kid parties and for anyone who loves horses! Rustic Horseshoe sells ready made stick horses and ponies, plush horses, patterns and kits, costumes and more. In addition to sharing a free tutorial Rena is also hosting a giveaway for a $75 gift certificate to her shop! Visit the Rustic Horseshoe Facebook page to enter. (Entry closes 9/10/15.)

I was driven to start Rustic Horseshoe after the birth of my first child in the fall of 2008. I had every intention of being a career mom in my chosen field of law enforcement. After my daughter arrived my perspective changed, and I had a strong desire to work from home. I always enjoyed crafting and creating, and I turned to those talents to make working from home a viable option. While I had experience in crafting, I had very little experience in sewing.

In the summer of 2009, Rustic Horseshoe was born.

The first pattern I created was my Classic Collection Stick Horse… It has come a long way in six years as I honed my talents. My son arrived in January 2011 and I “retired” from my career in May 2011 on a leap of faith that this venture would pan out.

In my childhood there was never a time we didn’t have horses, and I have always loved them. (You can tell when you look at my designs since most are horses.) I love creating and designing new patterns, and I have a long list of ideas for new ones to create as time permits.