For  most of our readers, fall means one big thing– back-to-school! Of course learning new things isn’t just for the kids. At Sew Mama Sew, we always think of fall as a time to set new goals, launch new programs, and plan yearly activities. This year, we’ve been inspired by our friend Shea Henderson‘s awesome book, School of Sewing: Learn It, Teach It, Sew Together, published by Lucky Spool Media. Shea is a former public school teacher, a pattern writer, a fantastic advocate for the modern quilting movement, and an incredible sewing instructor. Above all, we appreciate Shea’s enthusiasm for drawing people into the sewing community by making it accessible, making it fun, and making it collaborative. We believe this is a book for everyone with a passion for sewing, including people who want to learn to sew, people who want to share their love of sewing with close friends, and people who have the opportunity to teach sewing skills in the classroom.  In sum, it’s a lot of quality information about how to learn and how to teach sewing skills.

Part of our mission at Sew Mama Sew is to spread the love of sewing far and wide, so we reached out to Shea and Susanne Woods of Lucky Spool Media about collaborating on a series to encourage our readers to TEACH A FRIEND TO SEW! Chances are you know someone who has expressed an interest in sewing, but doesn’t know where to start.  Maybe you’ve thought about teaching them, but don’t know where to start. That’s where this series comes in! We’ll help you start! Over the next six weeks we’ll be posting:

  • Weekly themes such as pillows, quilt blocks, and garments. Each theme offers an opportunity for you and your sewing partner(s) to tackle new skills and achieve new sewing goals.
  • Suggestions for what to put in a new sewist’s toolkit.
  • Advice for teaching friends at home as well as advice for teaching in the classroom.
  • A “don’t be nervous” post from the Modern Quilt Guild about what newbies can expect at their first meeting. (Maybe this will be the month you bring a guest!)
  • Virtual merit badges for sewing achievements to send or post on social channels.
  • Link parties each week with chances to win great prizes including books and gift certificates!

We truly hope you’ll join us this month! Encourage friends who don’t sew at all or sew a little to follow along. They’re welcome to use this opportunity to learn new skills with a little external motivation whether they have a sewing teacher or not. For those of you with good skills already, wouldn’t it be a great time to share what you know and TEACH A FRIEND TO SEW?