Addie Martindale from is a designer, busy mom, teacher, pattern maker and dreamer. Addie has been sewing for over 20 years and teaching others to sew for over a decade. As an instructor, Addie teaches a wide range of fashion related classes from apparel construction to historic costume. She is dedicated to making sewing approachable to all who want to learn, through simple techniques and clear instruction. An advocate of a handmade wardrobe, Addie is interested in exploring ways to make the home sewing industry more sustainable.

You can read more about Addie’s handmade wardrobe the article she wrote for Seam Work Magazine and her recent interview on Sew News Blog. Addie is up next with info for reducing waste as a sewist!

Learn more about Addie via the Addie K blog, and find her via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest too.