Delilah from DelilahIris Designs is back! Here’s her introduction with lots of looks at Delilah’s cute felt creatures, and here are the beautiful Owl Masks Delilah showed us how to make earlier this fall. (Those owl masks would be a special holiday present for an imaginative little one, by the way!)

This time Delilah shows you how to easily hand-stitch her Penguin Ornament, a nice addition to the tree or packages as a topper. Looking for more ornament designs and tutorials?– Here!

Delilah has a sewing pattern bundle giveaway on her site, so hop over for a chance to win. Her collection of felt ornament sewing patterns has also grown and even includes a free little hedgehog ornament.

When I created this penguin ornament I envisioned this cute little guy doing a belly slide straight from the ice on the North Pole. Doesn’t he look happy?

The felt penguin is a quick and easy hand stitching and beginner’s embroidery project. It’s perfect for handmade Christmas tree ornaments and decor, or to give as a handmade gift this holiday season!

How to Sew the Penguin:
Start by cutting all of the felt pieces as per the Felt Penguin Ornament Sewing Pattern.

Embroider a set of eyes onto the body pieces. Add some to webbing to the little flipper, and a smiley mouth to the beak.

Next pin and sew the belly pieces in place onto the body piece, and sew together the beak and flipper pieces.

Sew the wing flippers together. You will have a set of two wings.

Pin and sew the beak and foot flipper in place on the inside of the body piece. You can choose to sew in a hanging string now, from the inside, or attach a string at the end.

Pin both body pieces together and begin sewing. Sew all the way around the outer edges leaving one small space open for stuffing.

Gently stuff the body full. Position the wings in place and pin. Sew the wing flippers in place using a string joint. I added mini buttons to the string jointed flippers just to add a nice detail.

Lastly, add a embroidered scarf to the penguin. Begin by cutting four rectangular pieces of felt. Embroider some french knot rosette flowers to the scarf, another fancy yet simple detail! (Here is a short video showing how to embroider french knot rosettes.) Cut fringe into the bottom of two of the scarf pieces. Overlap and skew the two fringe pieces and pin to the middle of one the embroidered scarf pieces so that it resembles a scarf folded around a neck (fringe dangling downward). Sew the fringe pieces in place on the back of the felt.

Place two scarf pieces so they wrap around the penguin’s neck. Stitch the outer edges together to hold the scarf in place.

That’s it! Have fun with this little fellow!