Debbie von Grabler-Crozier of The Folk Art Factory showed us how to make pretty Flower Shower Tea Cozies, the Summer Flowers Mat and Quick + Easy Christmas Tree Towels. Now she’s back with a Little Owl Quilt, perfect for new babies, cozy car rides or spring picnics…

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  • ½ m Pearl Grey Fabric
  • Fat Quarters of 4 Bright Fabrics including: red, green, turquoise and pink
  • Fat Quarter Grey/White Text Print Fabric
  • 60 cm x 75 cm thin Wadding/Batting
  • 60 cm x 75 cm Backing Fabric
  • Squares of Felt: red, black and white (large scraps will do for the black and white)
  • Fabric Glue Stick
  • Water Soluble Marker
  • Your usual Quilting/Free Motion Embroidery Tools

Please read all instructions before beginning the project.

Basic Method:
This pattern is based on half square triangles (HST). Begin with a square 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm. Cut it in half diagonally.

Join to another HST.

Iron and join this unit to another triangle.

Join into a row.

Tip: Use the main photo as a guide for placement and lay your HSTs out on a large flat surface to make sure you get the placement just right.

Cutting Guide- Number of Triangles Needed:

  • From the pearl grey- 48
  • From the red- 12
  • From the turquoise- 12
  • From the pink- 12
  • From the green- 12

Join all of the triangles together into the chevron pattern and then make a quilt sandwich from your lining fabric, wadding/batting and ironed top.

Quilt either by hand or machine. I have opted for a straight outline method on either side of a seam to accentuate the chevrons.

Find a suitable item (a plate, for example) to round the corners and use the water soluble marker to do this.

Cut the corners and trim the quilt sides.

Bind with bias binding made from the text print fabric.

Tip: To make bias binding, cut 3 cm strips on the diagonal (bias). They need to be long enough to go around the entire border so cut and measure. Bias strips ensure they will sit neatly around curves. Join them if necessary. When you have enough, in one continuous strip, fold in half lengthwise and iron. Fold the raw edges into the center and iron. Hand or machine sew into place. You can use a bias strip maker if you like.

To Make the Owl Patch:
Use the Owl Template to cut the appliqué pieces from scraps of the fabrics used in the quilt and glue them to the untrimmed red felt square.

Embroider around the shapes and fill in details with grey thread using free motion embroidery technique.

Tip: Don’t sew around the very edge of the appliqué. This will be done as you attach it to the quilt.

Site the owl to the bottom right hand corner of the quilt and attach.

© Debbie von Grabler-Crozier 2016 of The Folk Art Factory.